About Me

I became disabled in 2004 (I have Fibromyalgia, RA, IBS, Hypothyroid, Diverticulitis, Chronic Bladder Pain, Back Pain, Shoulder Pain & Neck Pain) and have learned to do without alot of things that I thought was necessary to be able to live. When I found the blogging community it got me thru the rough times because I found some truly great friends who helped me thru the worst of it and they taught me how to become a blogger. The things I win on other blogs go towards birthdays, Christmas, Mothers Day, Fathers Day and some for myself. I feel like I am helping contribute so that my husband doesn't feel like he has to work so much overtime when it comes to holidays and just every day living. I am proud of myself for finding ways to get presents without spending money, especially since it looks like SSN has gone haywire along with health insurance. My illnesses have increased over the years and some days I can't find the energy to get online to enter or to do my reviews as much as I would like to or as often as I would like but I am still trying to make it regardless because my father taught me to never be a quitter and I have fought harder battles than this in the past and it helps that I am a Taurus because I can be stubborn when called for.

I have a Yorkie named Charlie who is my companion and greatest joy during the day while my husband is at work.  I do have a grown daughter and granddaughter who are both living on their own.  I used to love to garden until about 2 summers ago it just got so hot I got sick and ever since then it has been hard on me to get outside when the temps start climbing so all my beautiful roses and various other plants and bulbs are slowly dying on me because my husband can't stand to be outside either. Of course it didn't help when both knee's had to be replaced because the RA destroyed my joints.

Life is definitely not fair and I am here to tell you it isn't but I still would not give up on it either. There is something inside me that says you hang in there trooper and I guess I get that from Dad being in the Army for 22 years as a Staff Sgt. who looked after the tanks and such. I have been in alot of them so I know what they look like inside and how in the heck grown men get in those things is beyond me! But, I am a proud supporter of my troops, as I like to call them, because once an Army brat, always an Army brat, no matter what. I am more proud of them because they are the best of us, the most courgeous of us and the most giving of us.

Who else would really put their life on the line? I would glady stand beside any of them, any day, any way, any how! I can hear Daddy now, although not quite as loud as he was when he was younger, but all the same when you hear the words, you obey them; "Stand at Attention, Soldier!" You are in the United States Army Corp and You Will Keep My Tanks Clean"!! Don't you just love it when it is all simplified? Like life is ever simplified, but on that Army base it is! I still hear the taps playing in my mind all the time..........