Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Nightshade Forensic Files: Under Dark Skies Book Review

I have a rather unusual book to share with you that I think you will love as much as I did once I really got into reading it and became obsessed with getting it read as fast as I could! It's called Under Dark Skies, Book 1 in the Nightshade Forensic Files written by A.J. Scudiere.
In NightShade nothing is as it seems . . . Eleri Eames thinks her life is getting back on track. She didn’t think she’d ever be allowed to work for the FBI again, so the special FBI division of NightShade seems like an amazing opportunity. But Eleri is concerned to learn that she tested into the unit when she didn’t even know she was being tested.  
All too soon, her chance to start over starts to disturb her. When the FBI offers Donovan a chance to leave his job as a medical examiner and try his hand at something new, he takes a chance on the NightShade division. Having spent his life in the shadows, he’s not sure he can successfully work in a team.  
Somehow, he has to try, but can he trust Eleri with the truth? Thrown together to solve their first case, Eleri and Donovan must deal with a charismatic cult leader and true-believers, all hidden in the wilds of Texas. The cult is mixed up with several decade-old kidnapping cases and Eleri and Donovan don’t have high hopes for finding the missing daughter of a prominent FBI Agent.
When their orders get more specific, neither is sure they can do what’s been asked, especially when they discover that NightShade’s mysteries aren’t coincidence. Their secrets will save them . . . or destroy them.
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My Thoughts:
I was completely in the dark at first why the FBI director chose this particular agent given her recent mental hospitalization for seeing things that no one else had. Then it became clear to me that Eleri had special "talents" that allowed her to see things that would inevitably lead her to her suspect.
Unknown to her, Nightshade, which is the name the new FBI director has given his team, is not really the true "FBI" but it works within the confines of the FBI and has their full support but the difference is, they get to make judgment calls such as whether to bring the suspect in dead or alive.
She is paired with another unlikely FBI agent who has certain abilities and until they can trust each other to open up about what each of them brings to the table, their partnership will not withstand all the negative feelings that Eleri has. She has a lot of baggage she needs to get rid of if she wants to solve this particular case.
This is a fascinating tale of the both of them discovering what they are and what they can do with their abilities. It's also a great thriller because the person that they are trying to catch is very crafty and very dangerous. They will need both of their wits about them to get this evil man who preys on innocents who finally catch on to what he is capable of but they need help in escaping.
If you love reading heart pounding thrillers or murder/mysteries with a hint of supernatural, then you will want to read this book! I, myself can't wait to read the next Nightshade adventure!
Happy Reading!
About the Author:
After not making the advanced reading group in kindergarten, AJ decided to 'show them all!' and become the best reader possible. This led to reading "The Amityville Horror," "Flowers in the Attic," and "Carrie" all before the age of seven. By eight, armed with a pen and notebook, she'd gone to the other side and written a novella . . . which shall never again see the light of day.
As the daughter of a physicist and a lawyer, AJ always wants to make sure the stories 'work': by the time you get to the end, you'll realize you were holding all the pieces all along. AJ is the author of multiple award-winning suspense novels.
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