Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Tangled Omens Book Review

Title: Tangled Omens
Author: Joni Parker
Publisher: Village Green Press, LLC
Pages: 320
Genre: Fantasy/Action Adventure
Format: Paperback/Kindle
Alex, now an experienced soldier and proven tracker, goes undercover to learn the fate of a pirate leader.  As she conducts her investigation in the market, she has her fortune read by the famous Witches of Winden, renown fortunetellers.  Unimpressed, she’s about to leave when a man barges into the tent demanding his fortune be read.   
Alex observes and notices similarities to hers–their omens seem entangled, but she dismisses it as coincidence.  However, she learns that he’s the Horseman, the most dangerous pirate spy on Seaward Isle and wanted for treason by her King.  Although she attempts to follow him, he sails away on a ship. 
When she returns home, she reports the incident to Governor Tyrone who tasks her to find and kill him or die trying, her first tracker mission.  Although she doesn’t know his real name, she’s the only one who can recognize him.  His trail leads her north, deep into the pirate stronghold of Riverton, her first solo mission.
My Thoughts:

This is the second book in The Black Elf series and this one is about her missions that she is sent on by the King. She is mostly undercover in this book with hardly any time in between for anything else.

She has a crush on Colonel Jeffrey but she doesn't know what kind of game he is playing. She is also unsure where she stands with her half brother, Beren. In my opinion, he is a complete you know what and I don't understand why she keeps trying, but it's her nature to try and make things right.

If she is able to complete this mission to kill The Horseman, it will bring unpleasant consequences, given who is real identity is and who his relatives are. She really wishes that someone else had this mission, but she is the only one capable enough to carry it out, regardless of the fact that she is only 15 at the time.

One thing she does have going for her is she has many friends among the Scinthian soldiers along with her foster parents and the Governor of Nyla.

If you loved reading the first book, this one will bring even more action packed thrills and tension between the humans who don't quite trust her.

Happy Reading!
About the Author:
Joni Parker was born in Chicago, Illinois, but left the windy city at an early age when her family moved to Japan.  Upon return to the United States, her family moved to Phoenix, Arizona where she graduated from Camelback High School and began college.  However within months, Joni quit college and joined the Navy where she became a Photographer’s Mate. 
After 3 years in the Navy, she returned to college and got married.  She got a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and an MBA before she returned to the Navy.  As a Commissioned Officer, Joni attended the US Army Command and General Staff College, completing a Master of Military Arts and Sciences Degree.  She retired from the Navy with over 22 years of service and spent several years traveling the United States in a motorhome with her husband.  When he died unexpectedly, Joni returned to work for the federal government in a civil service job. 
Five years ago, she started writing and retired once more to devote more time to her new passion.  She currently lives in Texas.
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Joni Parker said...

Thanks for your review. I just wanted to let your readers know that I am giving away copies of "Tangled Omens" on Goodreads. The last day to register is April 26th.