Friday, March 6, 2015

Health Update #3

Hi Everyone!

Sorry I haven't written in awhile but as you guys all know from the news, Georgia, especially in the mountain area where I live, got hit pretty hard that week with all that ice and sleet. We lost power on Sunday and didn't get it back until Friday night. That also meant no telephone or internet.

I have to admit I was ready to bail and get a hotel room if the power didn't come back on by Friday night but thankfully it did. I think that whole week made everything worse because I was constantly worried about getting sick in the middle of that disaster and not being able to get out to go to the hospital or see my doctors, but for once, it didn't act up too much. Mostly the IBS and the I.C. (chronic bladder pain) were the 2 things that kept me very uncomfortable.

I had to reschedule my appointment with the Gastro doctor to find out the results of my biopsies that he took that day on the polyps and the red welts and blisters that he found inside my stomach. I wish I could show you the pictures that he took while he was in there because the ones showing how red and how many blisters and welts were in there took my breath away. We don't have a scanner or I would have tried to put it up for you to see how bad it really is. So, my new appointment is this coming Tuesday and I also see the Pain doctor that day also.

I don't know why the ER doctor said all my tests came back fine because when my Gastro doctor got the copies of all the tests ran, he said my calcium levels were off the charts and that my sugar levels were too high also. He says the parathyroid controls the calcium and I never knew that too much calcium is a problem but I guess it is because he wanted it to be re-done, so I will find that out also when I go on Tuesday. The sugar test was done twice, once in the ambulance and they said it was 150 and they did it again in the ER and it was still 150. So, he also ordered a diabetes test.

Man, I tell you, when I get sick, it seems like it can't just be one small thing, it has to be a slew of them all at once! Since I didn't get to see him because of that week of no power or phone, I had to reschedule.

I did get the MRI with the IV contrast done as I said earlier and I have seen my Internist this past Monday and he said anytime I feel like I want to get a biopsy, to let him know and he will go above everyone's head and order one. I told him I would go ahead and do one more mammogram and if there is still something there and they want to order more tests, I am going to let him order a biopsy because this is just plain crazy!

I did get my Echo Cardiogram done last week and haven't heard anything back from that, so I am not sure what to think about that, but it must not be too bad because the tech said if she had seen anything life threatening, she would not be letting me leave that office. So, that helped calm me down. I have a few minor things that they have to watch and order tests maybe once a year but they do the EKG's all the time. I have a small leakage in my heart and the middle wall that separates your left and right side of your heart is suppose to be real strong and steady but mine flops over.

The bad thing about it not standing firm is that when it flops over and there happens to be a blood clot around, it will pass through. So, the Echo's are to check to see if the leak has gotten bigger and if the floppy wall is worse. I do have rapid palpitations that I take medication for and since I have been on it, it doesn't speed up as bad as it used to. I still have moments where it will but she said I could take an extra dose since it's a low dose and it wouldn't hurt me.

I normally forget to tell people about my heart because they are suppose to be minor things but with everything that has been going on and because it's been 3 years since my last Echo, I think the heart doctor decided to check things out since I am under so much stress.

Gosh, I don't know what I will do if my test comes back saying I have diabetes! I think I could do without the sweets but I love my rice and pasta! Just thinking about it makes me want to scream. Because of the IBS and the I.C. I have to watch a lot of stuff I eat because the bladder condition reacts to a lot of foods that I used to love to eat but I had to give up because if I eat or drink anything that has pepper in it or acid like orange juice or any food that has a high level of potassium, it will make my bladder very red, just like my stomach and then the pain starts. It feels like a urinary tract infection if you have ever had one of those, but I.C. lasts for weeks sometimes and when that happens, I have to go for rescue treatments at the hospital. So, I try really hard to watch all the ingredients and most of the things that don't bother my stomach or colon are things that diabetic's can't eat!!!!!

So, as you can see, this is quite upsetting and I wonder how much longer I can hold on if things keep on getting worse. I guess my one doctor was correct when he said because I have so many autoimmune disorders, that one you get one, it's like a domino effect, they all start to fall as they hit each other. It started with the Hypothyroid then the IBS and then Fibromyalgia & RA came at the same time and then the list continued after that. Actually, I think the I.C. came about the same time that the IBS did. I used to think I had yeast infections and the doctor would say he couldn't see anything wrong but would give me a generic cream to use.

When I first found out I had I.C. I wondered why he never thought about that possibility since he couldn't find any female problem to blame all the pain and burning I was feeling.  I finally went back to the urologist who had done my kidney surgeries back in 1992 & 1993 and he found it almost immediately. They test you for it by filling up your bladder with potassium and if your bladder turns beet red and starts burning, then you have a positive test for I.C. So, now when I have to have I.V. fluids I have to make sure they give me the one that is saline only and no potassium. I did get a rescue treatment the day we were there because I just couldn't take it anymore. It stayed calmed down for good 6 to 8 hours depending on what you eat and drink.

Once I find out next week what everyone thinks, I will write another post. I just didn't want to leave everyone hanging since you all knew I was suppose to be having tests done. I do admit that I am sleeping a lot which is what they wanted me to do because while I sleep, I don't feel the I.C. pain or the stomach pain as much so I take the sleeping meds, pain meds and the valium for my nerves when I am scheduled to, so that is why you don't see me often on the Internet. At least in my sleep, I can get some relief and for now, that is like heaven to me. I know I sound like I have given up but I haven't. I love my husband and my baby Yorkie, Charlie too much to leave them just yet.

I am just indulging myself from the permission of all the doctor's telling me to take the medications so I can stay calm. They said my stress is causing my blood pressure to rise, which it has and I have never ever had that! The first time I went to the hospital, the numbers were like 189/93 and then the second time it was 210/98. They finally got it down to 160/83 the first time and the second time it was like 153/83, but those are still high. When they checked it on Monday at the Internist's office, it was 138/80 which is borderline, but I will take it because I sure don't want to have to take another pill!

I am hoping I can get up some book reviews this weekend since I have been sleeping so much during the week, so that is my goal and I am praying that I can keep it! Check back next week after I have seen the 2 most important doctors about my test results and the biopsies that he took from my stomach. Hopefully, it will be something we can treat with medications, which they have given me a very strange tasting pink liquid I have to drink 3 times a day and they said it will coat my stomach and help it heal. Then I have another pill besides the one I was already taking for acid reflux to help that stay down also. 

I am also drinking more herbal teas like chamomile, lavender, roses and other soothing teas instead of soft drinks, coffee or any other beverages that had a lot of acid or caffeine in them. If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave me some as I am willing to try anything at this point because having pain from the tips of your toes to your neck is really getting pretty irritating but I can deal with the RA pain right now, but it's the organ pains that are killing me right now, especially the IBS and I.C. I hope none of you ever have to go through I.C. because it's the worse of the worst and I wouldn't wish that on my worse enemy!


Just got a frigging letter in the mail from the Heart Clinic I go to and the woman doctor that I have been working with for a good while is taking a promotion of some sort at a new clinic/small hospital that is about an hour and a half away or more since I live so far up in the North Georgia mountains! I will have to choose a new doctor and this really pisses me off because she is the one who ordered this Echo Cardiogram and you aren't even going to be around to tell me the results? I really don't like having to change doctor's who already know all my health issues and now I have to explain it all over again. Could she have not waited until all her patients who had tests in limbo were notified first before flying the coop??

Have a great weekend and I will be writing more next week!


Carol N Wong said...

Hi Mary,
Sorry that you are still going through this. I have IBS and bladder spasms and six autoimmune diseases and diabetes, Type II. You can still eat rice and pasta, but not very much. You can try spaghetti squash as a subsitute for the pasta. Not the same but it still is something.
I wonder what the blisters and welts are in your stomach. Hope that you get that information soon. For the stomach, I have autoimmune gastritis which makes for a higher risk for stomach cancer. I have to be careful with what I eat too, I hate bladder spasms.
Hope that the worst of winter is over!!!! I used to have high blood pressure and had to take pills for it but it turned out to be from stress too. I started putting my phone of voice mail at work and that gave me more control over what I was doing. I still got awards for performance and I told my manager what I did with the phones (that was against the rules). But sometimes it is necessary to break the rule!

Maryann D. said...

Still sending prayers and good wishes to you!
twinkle at optonline dot net

Mary Bearden said...


Unfortunately, mine was diagnosed as severe chronic autoimmune gastritis also. We went thru my medication list and it's not the meds.

He wants me to eat 5 mini meals during the day to see if having food in the stomach will keep the acid busy on the food instead of my stomach. I normally would only eat 2 meals and some days just snack here and there due to the IBS.

I don't have any idea how I am going to fit 5 mini meals in each day because the more I eat, the more I bloat and my colon feels awful and I get colon cramps!

If it's not one thing, it's another. Thanks so much for writing and Maryann, I thank you also for leaving some good thoughts also. I will try to get a 4th health update soon.

Sending hugs and love to both of you,