Sunday, March 22, 2015

Epitah Book Review

Title: Epitaph: Reveille
Author: Victor Nieves
Publisher: Acorn Book Services
Pages: 358
Genre: Sci-Fi
Format: Paperback/Kindle
In year 2343, the galaxy receives a deadly wake-up call… 
Nearly three-hundred years have passed since humanity ascended to the stars, joining with a conglomeration of alien races all living under the rule of a single, united community – the United Galactic Coalition – a joint, multi-species alliance that upholds the principles of democracy, freedom, and equality for all races. 
The Milky Way Galaxy’s future looks bright … 
Until a research team uncovers a mysterious crystal buried deep beneath the surface of a frontier world on the edge of settled space. This discovery proves to be the catalyst for an invasion from an unknown alien force that is just as ruthless as they are mysterious. 
As the races of the galaxy are catapulted into a vicious fight for their very survival, fate hastily throws together a legendary admiral with a dark past, a brilliant scientist with precious little time to find the answers, an elite Special Forces Operative who must come to terms with a past failure, a spunky young military officer for whom this war is a baptism by fire, and a top notch Marine who will discover a truth that will define him as a hero. 
These five men and women hold not only the keys to their own survival, but the survival of their entire civilization. With the clock ticking, the race to uncover the truth begins. As they try to fend off this cruel and merciless alien foe, this handful of soldiers must discover what secrets this crystal could hold that would be worth the destruction of all life in the galaxy. But the question is … 
… Can they do it in time?
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My Thoughts:
If you are a lover of Science Fiction, then this book will fascinate you as much as it did me! I love reading books where writers try to imagine what the faraway future might be like and I must admit that this one is slightly different because everything happens in space, none of it is really on land.
This group of space travelers or space patrol gets into a lot of action and adventure in their quest to find all these crystals which they all admit they are not sure what they are suppose to do or how they work.
They will have enemies out for blood just for the sake of it and then there will be the oddball personal revenge, but the scariest enemy is The Vanguards, whom they didn't even know existed until they happened upon an artificial intelligence made by a group of people who no longer exist because these Vanguards wiped them out.
The artificial intelligence's name is Solo and once he has told his story to these brave fighters, one thing is for certain, they must be the ones to find the last crystal and they must prepare themselves for the fight of their life!
Enjoy the space travel ride because it is full of action and suspense! I can't wait to read the sequel!
Happy Reading!
About the Author: 
Victor Nieves lives in West Virginia. He enjoys writing, reading, and is a huge horror movie fan, zombies in particular. At the young age of twenty-one, he found a way to communicate his ideas and imagination with others through writing, which he plans on doing for the rest of his life.
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