Monday, March 30, 2015

Dawn of Destiny Book Review

Book Title: Dawn of Destiny (Epic #1) by Lee Stephen
Category: Adult Fiction
Genre: Sci-fi
Publisher: Stone Aside Publishing, L.L.C.
Published: November 2006
Available in: Print, ebook (mobi for Kindle and ePub) and audiobook (full cast with cinematic sound effects - see below)
Tour dates:  
​March 16 to April 10​
, 2015
Content Rating: PG-13 for violence and depictions of war. There is no profanity, sexual content, or drug use.
Dawn of Destiny kicks off the story of Scott Remington, a young man following a calling to war. Sacrificing a promising life that could've been, he embarks on a journey to follow his destiny and make a difference regardless of where it takes him. It's a story of perseverance amidst trials and tribulations--a journey of faith into the fog of war. This is high-action and intensity wrapped up in the reality of the human experience. It's the introduction to an epic.

Load your assault're about to drop into a hot zone.
My Thoughts:
I really loved this book! I am a huge Science Fiction/Urban Fantasy type book reader and this book was right up my alley! I do have to warn you that this is only Book 1 and there are more to come. I can't wait to read the next one!
It is full of action without all the gory details that would scare the crap out of me, let alone a young teenager, so it's safe for them to read. There are no sexual scenes either, only a few mild kisses and tender feelings towards the females in the group.
Nobody in the story understands why 3 different types of aliens have descended onto Earth and why they want to kill all the humans. If they could figure that out, then maybe they could come up with a better way to protect everyone.
Scott Remington is the hero in this book but he is humble and what I love more than that is he carries a Bible with him wherever he goes.
Like I said earlier, I sincerely hope that I get to read the other books because I would love to know how things turn out for Scott and several of the other people in the book that I liked. If you are like me and love this genre, then this series will definitely deliver!
Happy Reading!
About the Author:
Born and raised in Cajun country, Lee Stephen spent his childhood paddling pirogues through the marshes of South Louisiana. When he wasn't catching bullfrogs or playing with alligators in the bathtub (both true), he was escaping to the world of the imagination, creating worlds in his mind filled with strange creatures and epic journeys. This hasn't stopped.

Now a resident of Luling, Louisiana, Lee spends time every day delving into the world of Epic, the science-fiction series that has come to define him as a writer and producer. Alongside his wife, Lindsey, their son, Levi, and their dog, Jake, Lee has made it a mission to create a series that is unique in its genre—one unafraid to address the human condition while staying grounded in elements of faith.

In addition to writing, Lee works full-time for the Department of Homeland Security & Emergency Preparedness. He has also spent time as a church deacon, guitar hobbyist, and New Orleans Saints season ticket holder. He is a graduate of Louisiana College in Pineville.
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Lee Stephen said...

Thanks so much for the review, Mary! I'm so glad you enjoyed Dawn of Destiny. Book two (and the others) will be making their rounds, too, so I hope to see you on board for the long haul!