Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Kulcar Solar Powered Car Ventilator Review

No more heat and poisonous fumes in your car with Kulcar Solar Powered Car Ventilator

Living in a hot city in America where the temperatures during summer days can easily reach up into the high 90's is not always a good thing, especially when you have to get into your car that is parked in the sun all day. The heat and humidity plus the odor of a sealed parked car can be very horrible and I don't know about you, but I get sick when I smell bad odors! You can’t even touch the steering wheel and if you have leather seats, forget it!

What’s worse, according to a recent research, those plastic car interiors can easily emit poisonous gases in high heat. That means you, the driver and your family are inhaling dangerous fumes at the same time when they get into the car that has been parked for a good while and has gotten very hot.

Here a solution for our family if you live in a really hot and humid area of the country. It’s called Kulcar, a solar powered car ventilator and it's made by a company called SonrayTechnologies in Taiwan. One of the distinct features of this device is that it can be totally powered by the sun, the cleanest energy in the world. No more batteries, no need to worry about running out of energy or gas on the road.

The installation is quite simple and easy, especially for a person, like me, who knows nothing about all that high tech-stuff. Before purchasing Kulcar on Amazon (see link below), I read that once I have the widow visors in the car, the extra rubber strips enclosed in the package isn't necessary. Hurray!!

Simply roll down your window, put Kulcar on it and slowly roll it up. That’s all. It was really quite simple and easy for my husband to install. I wasn't feeling good the day that we decided to install, so he did it for me.

You can use the screw beside to tighten the solar panel, adjust it to get the most exposure to the sun.
This is how it looks when he finished the installation. It really didn't take up much room and was neat and tidy.

With Kulcar installed in my car, we don’t have to suffer from the humid heat in the awful heat that we experience here in Georgia. More importantly, we have clean and fresh air inside our car.

When we are running errands like going to the grocery store or the mall, these efficient dual-chamber fans continuously circulate clean and fresh air and expels hazardous fumes from inside our parked car in the sun to keep our interior cooler.

If you need to research for more information about this quite innovative design for your car, then please go to this website, Kulcar Solar Powered Car Ventilator In America and read what they have to say.

Christmas is around the corner and I know there are a lot of people who are anxious about what to choose for their holiday gifts. Kulcar can be one of your choices if you live in the south or other hot region. Go to Kulcar.Amazon or Kulcar.Newegg to buy one for your friends or family.

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desitheblonde said...

i seen this on a siter the other day and would love to have it since i ahve 2 dog and then the weather is un predictable here in mo

Amber Ludwig said...

Oh wow!! This is a great invention!! I hate our burning hot leather seats and having to stick my toddler in a hot car while I load up his stroller!! What a great way to chill the inside!! I love that it is solar powered!!

M Clark said...

The Kulcar Solar Powered Car Ventilator sounds like an amazing device. I think the anyone who owns a car will want one of these. Thank you for sharing this review.

Jeanineitsme said...

I have seen this but didn't kow what it was for...

fee roberts said...

I definitely need to get one of these for my daughter. We live in FL and it gets ridiculously hot and humid.

Shakeia Rieux said...

I didn't even know they had this,because we definitely need two of these for our car and truck.I like that it's solar powered.