Tuesday, November 11, 2014

WWIV Kids at War Book Review

Almost six years since an unknown event plunged the world into darkness, humanity continues to crumble. Times have worsened as the remaining fuel and valuable resources – fresh food and water – are long gone. Chances of recovery have all but disappeared; chances of survival seem grim.  
In a plan so backward, so unlikely to have any success, the militia of the Milwaukee area take a young nun, five teens, and a set of five “special packages” into the barren farmland of south-central Wisconsin. There, with little more than themselves for support, they are to live, to grow, and perhaps even prosper. Or maybe the militia has just removed a problem they chose not to deal with.  
With the help of new – yet strange – friends, their journey begins. But trouble finds them, even against their greatest hopes and fervent prayers. Worse, the militia has purchased help from a drunken recluse who may prove to be their greatest trouble of all.
The second book of our greatest war, our battle for survival, begins: WWIV – Kids at War.
My Review:
I wish I had known that this was the 2nd book in the series, so that I could have understood how they came to be in such an isolated area all by themselves. One nun and five teens?
But, after getting into the story a little bit later on, I got the whole gist of the story and it can be a read alone book, but if you are curious like me, I like reading the before books just as much as the ones that come after but the way this one ended, it doesn't really need to be explored, unless the author just wants to write another one. So, in this tale, you will get some resolution if it does indeed not have another one coming in the future.
It's a good teaching book to show us how to treat people and how to adapt and survive. If you are like me, in other Dystopian books, humans turn on each other and end up killing each other over crazy things, so this was refreshing that they did work it all out in the end and took away great lessons in how to treat your fellow human friends in times of distress.
Happy Reading!
About the Author:
I write dystopian. It's dark, yet fun to play with.

WWIV - In The Beginning is my debut novel.

Trying to get this junk in my head, down on pages. Those pages become chapters. The chapters become a manuscript. The manuscript becomes a novel. Sounds easy enough.

I am an author and my pen name is e a lake. The e and the a mean nothing. So please just call me lake.

Not everything in dystopian writing has to be dark and dreary. I try to create post -apocalyptic situations that will challenge the reader to really believe that the events in my novels could happen.

The best part of my genre? Who needs antagonists when the landscape surrounding my protagonist is so bad. You just have to love this stuff.

My favorites are the usual list of suspects. Orwell, Bradbury, Stephen King, Vince Flynn, and James Patterson.

I'm not all that scary. Father to three, grandfather to two (three in April 2014). Just a regular guy.
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