Monday, November 10, 2014

Infographic: Financial Fraud in the Digital Age

Check out this new infographic I found about Financial Fraud on New England College Online website and read about how they are doing it and how you can protect you and your family from getting caught up in this nightmare. I have not had a problem as bad as what they are talking about here, but I know how it feels to be attacked and it doesn't feel good at all!

It was several years ago when someone somehow got me to open an email and when I did, they stole my email account! When they did that, I lost all my contacts and they had their emails and were sending everyone emails asking for money and all kinds of crap. It took me forever to get all of that back. I had folders set up in there that kept track of all my saved emails from the current sponsors with specifics on reviews and giveaways and without that, I had no idea how to finish or contact the person about the product reviews.

They also somehow got my Bill Me Later info and that is still a mystery because I don't pay anything online. But, somehow, they got my social security number and my date of birth and were able to access the Bill Me Later and charge about $5,000 worth of products on Ebay but because I caught it the same night that they did it and reported it ASAP, it was handled.

Unfortunately, I will never ever have another Bill Me Later account because they refuse to open another one now that someone has my information. I also have a Fraud Alert on my credit at all the major credit agencies. It will definitely be a hassle when I do go to try and buy a new car or whatever, but for the peace of mind it provides, it's well worth it.

While it's not on the scale of what the New England College Online is showing, it still left a major impact on me and I am super careful now. If it looks suspicious, I don't open it, I just spam it or delete it right away. Please read the info that they have assembled and make sure you know at all times what is going on with your finances. Big or small, doesn't matter. It's your money and your future, so don't let criminals steal from you what you worked hard to earn!