Thursday, October 30, 2014

Petbrosia & The Pet Obesity Prevention Program

Did you know that a 15 pound cat is equivalent to a 254 pound 5’9” man? 
Many pet owners are unaware of the severity of their pet’s weight gain or even what weight is appropriate for their individual pet.  With the Annual Pet Obesity Awareness Survey, the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention has found that the problem of overweight and obese pets stems from the lack of knowledge instilled in pet parents.  (Please follow the link I provided in this paragraph to read more about how to help your pet and see what other owners have done).
Pet Obesity Awareness Day, October 8th, is just one of the many efforts that have been launched in order to fight the pet obesity epidemic through education and action.  The hopes are that pet parents will gain a greater understanding of the seriousness of proper nutrition, exercise, and body condition in order to keep their pets in optimal shape.
To help you get started on getting your pet in shape, Petbrosia will be offering my readers 50% of any bag of 5, 10 or 20 pound boxes of food just by using FALLFUN.
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