Friday, October 17, 2014

Keeper's of the Covenant Book Review

I have  a really powerful book to share with you today called Keeper's of the Covenant written by Lynn Austin.

The Old Testament Comes to Thrilling Life in the Latest from Lynn Austin. 
In one life-changing moment, the lives of the Jewish exiles in Babylon are thrown into confusion and despair when a decree arrives from the king’s palace in Susa. It calls for the annihilation of every Jewish man, woman, and child throughout the empire on the thirteenth day of Adar, in less than one year. Ezra, a quiet Jewish scholar and teacher, is suddenly called upon to lead the community as they seek God for a reason for this catastrophe. When a second decree arrives, authorizing them to fight back, Ezra is thrust into the role of military leader as they defend themselves against their enemies. 
When the battles come to an end, Ezra’s brother Jude is dead and Ezra is required by the Law he so diligently studies to marry Jude’s widow, Devorah, and provide an heir. Fatherhood changes Ezra, and he asks God to make a way for him and the other exiles to leave Babylon for good and return to Jerusalem. His prayers are answered and the exiles move to Judea to revitalize worship at the temple–but the fight to keep God’s Law is never easy.  
As more and more of his community are tempted, a new battle emerges…this one for the survival of God’s covenant and the souls of His chosen faithful.
My Review:

This is a long and troubling area of conflict that has been going on even before a lot of us were even born. I wonder if somehow through the ages if the meaning and manner have gotten all disturbed to represent one or more people's views and not God's, so that they may benefit from this ongoing struggle for power.

I don't profess to know how or why this all started but as knowledgeable and educated as we are today, I just don't get why men from each nation can't just sit down and figure it all out. OR maybe that is the exact point, they don't want a peaceful solution. I can only hope in time something will happen to make this all seem so absurd that they will have to agree!

Happy Reading!