Friday, September 12, 2014

Wall Decals for Children

Nursery wall stickers for children: mixture of creativity and education
Nursery wall stickers for children are not just colorful accessories which can captivate their attention easily, but these nursery wall stickers also contribute to their creative and energizing spirit. Our children are no exception when it comes to the question of loving colors, cartoons, alphabets, and flowers. Wall stickers can vary depending on the material or the design which is used, but the basic fact remains the same- nursery wall stickers are affordable and they also help to develop the personality of the children.
I have been working as a nursery school counselor for past five years, and I have found that children can react very rapidly to the following wall stickers:
·       Colorful wall stickers that have the printed versions of some mythical stories attract them and they can also learn the myths and fables, by asking questions.
·       Wall stickers for nursery children can also be very helpful to explain to them any educational point, or anything which is related to the text.
·        Colorful nursery wall stickers create an artistic mind among the nursery children and the toddlers are generally found to be very happy with the picture compositions of animals like monkeys dangling from branches, elephants spraying water with their trunk, or pictures of delicious chocolates in all red, brown and golden colors.
·       Nursery wall stickers are more cost-effective and non-toxic as far as the health of the nursery children is concerned, because these stickers are not harmful to them. Wall paints can be chipped, they can be destroyed when the children draw with crayons on the wall, and some children may also be allergic to wall paints. So, sticking nursery wall stickers is a great idea, as they are benign to the development of the little children. You can choose different theme wall stickers for girls room and boys room.
Wall stickers in nursery schools really educate the children:
I have seen that many children easily forget the nursery rhymes that are printed in their school books, but I have been surprised to find out that these same children have learnt the entire poem or the lesson if they are printed as wall stickers on a colorful background.
For example, the popular children poems like ‘Baa Baa Black sheep’, or ‘Hickory dickory dock’, or ‘humpty dumpty’ can be printed on the wall stickers and they can be stuck to the walls of the nursery schools. The teachers, parents, and the school authority should consult the online and offline stores to inquire about the designs and the rhyming templates for children stickers. Moreover, children can also learn the following from the textured and designer nursery wall stickers:
·       They can learn alphabets from alphabet-printed wall stickers.
·        Flowers like Dandelion, Sunflower, Rose, and Lily can be recognized if they are printed as nursery wall stickers.
·       Fairy tale characters like Beauty and the beast, the Pirates of the Caribbean, Rapunzel, and even fluorescent wall stickers of sun, moon and the entire planetary system are also popular choices which we must see.
·       Geometric patterns, trees, giraffes, wild animals, love bonds, brothers and sisters and stories form the Bible can also be set as part of printed and vinyl wall art and stickers. Decals and wall stickers can vary in price, depending on their uses and installations, but my observation was that, these should not just be installed on the nursery walls, but the inner meaning of the pictures should also be explained to the children.
National and international form of delivery:
Nowadays, nursery wall stickers are available in both national and international market, and one of my friends was delighted to go for a shipment of twenty entire rolls of wall stickers as a gift for her niece who studied in a nursery school cum boarding in a foreign country.
The special features of the nursery wall stickers can include the following. But this will be the case only if the wall stickers are bought from a good company:
·       They can be bought if they contain a good adhesive and made of vinyl.
·        Goo quality nursery wall stickers are available in both glossy and matte textures.
·        It is generally recommended to purchase nursery wall stickers which can be removed vey easily, without any sedimentation or residue on the wall.
·        I have also seen that some of the best quality of nursery wall stickers is compatible with chalks and pens.
·        Exclusive designs will not make the ids feel bored.
·       They are available at affordable rates.  
Disclaimer: All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from you.