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Tavern on the Edge of Time Book Review

Title: Tavern on the Edge of Time
Author: Peter Durrach
Publisher: CreateSpace
Pages: 366
Genre: Sci-fi
Format: Paperback

During the year 2125, former asteroid miners Max Cody and Elaine Zhou never get a moment’s rest. No sooner have they doused the flames of war between Earth and Mars or returned from their first trip to the Tavern on the Edge of Time when they are called upon to help fit out the fledging Martian colony orbiting Jupiter’s moon Callisto. In parallel, Earth extradites the war’s fomenter, ex-billionaire arms merchant Xanthus Rex, hoping to gain from his insights into Martian teleportation technology, but he manages to turn Earth’s resources toward private revenge against Max, Mars, and the Callisto Colony.  
In the meantime aliens are leaking into the Earth-Mars continuum from the Tavern, whose proprietor repaired and upgraded Max after accidentally injuring him during an asteroid mining expedition. Max’s enhancements help, of course, but when strange beings with the power to animate matter—the Assemblers—find their way to Earth, Max, Mars, and humanity are sorely beset. Worse yet, the Tavern itself is becoming unstable, its acquisitive host having overstretched his considerable powers. His prospecting for collapsed neutron matter has also opened portals between continua, inadvertently adding still more aliens to the mix. That’s when the Assemblers’ overlord arrives and Max finally meets his match.  
Oh, and Elaine is expecting their hybrid baby. Yes, you might say these are difficult times at the Tavern on the Edge of Time.
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Okay, I am going to have to be honest and admit that I didn't know that this was book 3 of a series and that I did not read the first two. That was my fault and I should have paid more attention to that fact because it really would have made more sense to me if I had.
The trouble with Science Fiction books is that the first 2 books would have laid out the groundwork, without that groundwork, I wasn't able to understand this 3rd book at all. I tried, I really did but the way it starts, it assumes you read the first two books. I normally don't make these kinds of mistakes because believe it or not, I really love Science Fiction books, so I was really mad at myself for this mistake.
From what I can gather of Tavern on the Edge of Time, it would have been a great book continuing on in the story from the first two books. Because I didn't really know what these characters had done in the previous book, it was hard for me to follow their conversations in this book because some of the dialog assumes you already know what happened in the first two books. So, that is where I got lost and the story seemed to veer off for me.
But, if you did read the first 2 books, then this 3rd book will probably delight those of you who are Science Fiction buffs because the characters are all different types of species and from different planets. There is also a colony on Mars, which is what this whole story is about.
Evidently there was a war between Earth and Mars in the past books and much of what is going on in this 3rd book is the fallout from that war. Which is the last reason I got lost in this book because I didn't know anything about the war or the people involved and who did what.
So, I have mixed views on this book and wanted to explain why because I am not knocking the book, it really sounds like something I would have loved to be a part of, I just didn't know it was the middle book with more to come. Otherwise, if you have kept up with the whole series, this will definitely be a treat for you to continue following Max and Elaine and all of their other characters in this latest adventure that they are embarking on.
Happy Reading!
About the Author:
Peter Darrach has lived in New York, London, Prague, Munich and Vienna. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature and a Master of Arts degree in German Literature, both from Pennsylvania State University. Darrach pursued a career in sales and marketing in fields as diverse as amusement parks and retail before moving to Europe in 1991.
Since then he has worked in Eastern and Western Europe, holding a series of executive positions with blue chip FMCG companies.  Most recently he has returned to the U.S. to pursue his career as a business coach and fiction author and currently lives in Florida.
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