Monday, September 8, 2014

Quest for Honor Book Review

I have a really great fast paced action/thriller book to share with you called Quest For Honor written by David Tindell.
Jim Hayes lives a quiet life in Wisconsin, training in martial arts and studying the warrior ethos. Unable to prevent the murder of his wife six years earlier, Jim is determined that the next time he is called upon to act, things will be different, and he can restore the sense of honor he believes he has lost.  
His estranged brother Mark, an Army colonel commanding a firebase in the mountains of Afghanistan, sees his career winding down and wonders what lies in store when he comes home. After years of dedicated service to his country, he fears nothing else will measure up when he removes the uniform for the last time.  
In lawless Somalia, al Qaeda chieftain Yusuf Shalita, tired of endless jihad, has decided to defect, in one last attempt at redemption. But Shalita has only met one American he has ever trusted, so he tells the CIA he will surrender himself to Jim Hayes, his old friend from their college days in Wisconsin. That demand will bring the Hayes brothers back together in a way they never imagined, as they fight to prevent a new and devastating terror attack on the very heart of America.
My Thoughts:

This is a really good book to give to any man in your family who loves action based books or movies, even though I thoroughly enjoyed reading it myself. I was raised as an Army brat, so these kind of books have always fascinated me. I love the adventures that the military gets into and the covert opps that are suppose to be secret.
But, the great thing about this book is that it does have some romance in it when Jim Hayes unexpectedly meets a new woman while dating another but he knows right away the new woman trumps the old one in a heartbeat, so he breaks it off.
He has a lot going on in his life and for a not so young guy, he really does lead an exciting life with his kickboxing training and tournaments that he attends. Which is a good thing since he is going to need all the help he can get to just survive being a spy for the government that was suppose to only take one quick meeting and of course, it all goes horribly wrong.
I liked the additional background on his brother Mark and what he was doing over in Afghanistan while serving in the military as an officer responsible for protecting his men from danger. So, you really are getting several stories in one book, it's not all about just Jim Hayes.
You also get a look into what each member of the terrorist group thinks about their mission and you will realize that not all of them are on board with what the higher ups what to do. But, to what extreme will some of them go to in order to stop the madness?
That's the real fun in the book and the real thriller. It should satisfy any high drama/thriller action fan to no end!
Happy Reading!
About the Author: 
David Tindell was born in Germany and grew up in southern Wisconsin. Today he lives up in the northwestern corner of the state, in a log home on a lake with his wife Sue, their Yorkie and two cats. After a career in radio broadcasting, Tindell went to work for the US Government and resumed the writing career he'd started in college.

His first novel, "Revived", was published in 2000, but after that he put the pen aside for a time to train in the martial arts, earning a black belt in the Korean art of Taekwondo and instructor status in the Russian art of Systema. He currently trains in ryukudo kobujutsu, an art that combines karate with Okinawan weaponry.
Like his protagonist in "The White Vixen", Tindell is a linguist, although not as accomplished as Jo Ann Geary; he's conversational in German and has also studied Italian and Russian.
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Alison Gibb said...

I love action/thriller books. Thank you for the review. I am going to look for it!!