Wednesday, September 17, 2014

No Time To Die Book Review

By: Kira Peikoff
Pinnacle Books: August 26, 2014
Cost: $9.99
Pages: 440 pages
ISBN: 978-0-7860-3489-5

I have an awesome high drama/thriller book to share with you called No Time To Die written by Kira Peikoff that I think you will enjoy reading.

Someone is out for blood—Zoe Kincaid’s blood. She’s a 20-year-old trapped in the body of a 14-year-old girl and her DNA could hold the secret of immortality. Could it be the Columbia University researchers who see her as the key to fame and tenure? The shadowy figure, known only as Galileo, who is kidnapping the world’s best researchers? The Justice Department head who seems a little too intent on getting her alone? Or the maniac who just fed a leading scientist to his chimpanzees?  
Zoe knows that unlocking the secrets of genome could save her beloved grandfather, a retired physician and former Olympian who grows frailer by the day. Can she trust the rogue physician whose secret lair hides discoveries that might just save her grandfather? Heart-pounding twists just keep coming in Kira Peikoff’s stunning biomedical thriller, NO TIME TO DIE (Kensington Publishing; August 26, 2014.)  
Science has barely begun to unlock the secrets written in our DNA. Researchers are relentlessly hunting for the answers to chronic diseases, cancer, rare disorders and the biggest mystery of them all—aging—but at what cost? Bioethicist Peikoff asks the most troubling scientific question of our time in this taut thriller: when does medicine cross the line?
My Review:

This is really a quick action medical thriller about a girl who suffers a rare disorder but from that disorder, it has the potential to help people live longer lives by postponing the aging process. Zoe just wants to help her grandfather so he's not in pain anymore and she wants him to be around as a buffer between her and her parents. They are very strict to say the least because of her condition.

Zoe decides to go against her parent's wishes and she sets out for the adventure of a lifetime. Not all of it is pretty but she meets some very good friends along the way and even forms a crush on the son of one of the scientist's who helps her get away from her parents and into the secret compound that is being run by multiple doctors from just about every field of medicine.

There is no foul language or sexual situations so it's appropriate for young adults to read. You will be fascinated by the story and how brave Zoe is when facing all that might happen if something goes wrong and they do have several close calls. It's full of action and you definitely won't find this book boring which means if you are like me, I just had to keep reading so I could find out what happens!

Happy Reading!

Praise for No Time To Die:

“An intelligent, exciting tour d' force; the story is tight, the characters are fascinating, and the twists are terrific and totally unexpected... A crackling good read….Has the magic touch.”New York Times bestselling author Michael Palmer

“Breathless thrills and pace, but real substance too: a perfect mix of nail-biter and thought-provoker, from a writer to watch. Highly recommended.” –#1 New York Times bestselling author Lee Child

“NO TIME TO DIE takes a terrific, original premise―what if someone literally could not age?―and turns it into a heart-pounding thriller that keeps its surprises coming to the last page. Fans of Michael Crichton will love this.”New York Times bestselling author Joseph Finder

“Peikoff spins a fast-paced thriller with sound cutting-edge science to explore the fundamental mysteries of aging--mysteries that, for the first time in history, we are now close to unraveling. NO TIME TO DIE may be fictional, but it vividly evokes the most exciting aspect of my research to date.”Dr. Richard Walker, Editor-in-Chief, Clinical Interventions in Aging

About the Author:

KIRA PEIKOFF is a writer based in New York City. She graduated with high honors from New York University in 2007 with a degree in journalism, after four years of various reporting internships: covering street crime for The Daily News, writing about Capitol Hill for The Orange County Register in Washington, D.C., reporting on business and technology for Newsday, and researching feature stories for New York magazine.

After completing her first book, Living Proof, Peikoff worked for several years in the editorial departments at two New York publishing houses, which gave her an invaluable inside look at the publishing process and the rapidly changing industry.

Peikoff is working on her third thriller, freelancing for a variety of major media outlets, and attending Columbia University's Master of Science program in Bioethics.

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