Monday, August 25, 2014

The Choir Boy Book Review

I have a book to share with you that was very hard to read and it may not be everyone's type of book to read and I normally don't like to comment on such books, but if this book helps even one person avoid the path that Eric took, it will be worth the effort of my reading a book that took me longer to finish reading because I needed breaks from this book and the damage that it did to so many lives that Eric touched. It's called The Choir Boy written by Eric Schneider.

Eric Schneider was one of numerous young victims in a major sexual abuse case that rocked Boston in the mid-1980s. Some of the boys committed suicide, but the tormented Schneider became a violent teenager, an arsonist, a drug dealer, and a criminal.

He recounts in detail the incredible challenges he faced and overcame in a new book, The Choir Boy: Why I Turned to a Life of Crime with the Whitey Bulger Gang after Being Raped by My Scoutmaster.

Schneider hopes that by sharing his struggle to lead a normal life, others can avoid abuse and the troubling consequences of a life of crime. He describes his outrage when the community he lived in refused to believe that a widely admired scoutmaster had been abusing young boys for many years and introducing them to drugs.
Eric Schneider was one of the young victims in the notorious Boy Scout sexual abuse case that rocked Boston in the mid-1980s. It was big news at the time, but not until now have we heard from a survivor of that abuse (most of the others committed suicide). Never has there been a more riveting look at the long-term psychological effects of childhood sex abuse.

By his teens, Eric was a drug dealer, arsonist, and small-time thief. By the age of twenty, he was a major crime figure, working under the umbrella of the notorious Whitey Bulger organized crime network. He specialized in armed robberies, with a focus on banks and armored cars transporting large sums of cash.

Faced with over 200 years in prison, Schneider testified for the prosecution, sending his partners in crime to prison. He was given a new identity by the Witness Protection Program and he has lived in obscurity since the early 1990s. When his book is published, he will emerge from the safety of witness protection to promote the book.

Schneider will take you on a journey that will expose you to some of the most frightening accounts of human depravity imaginable, regarding both sex abuse and organized crime. A lifetime struggle with sex addictions (high-end escorts preferred) and addictions to cocaine and alcohol complicate the story, with riveting accounts of his many attempts at rehabilitation. Add to that an unlikely love story, and you have the most powerful story of childhood abuse and crime since the 1995 bestselling memoir, Sleepers.

All said, The Choir Boy is the inspirational story of a sexual abuse survivor who has been to hell and back, yet still has hope for the future. It is the author's hope that his story will help others who have suffered childhood abuse—and help the parents of children at risk of becoming victims of sexual abuse.
Like I said earlier, it's a hard book to read and I am absolutely astounded that these people who agreed to adopt this boy would be so totally clueless that something was going on and even when the story broke years later, they still were so worried about their reputation that when counseling was offered to ALL of the victims of this scoutmaster, I believe there were 27 indictments brought against him, even then, they refused to all offers of help and said they would handle it on their own!

I just can't imagine turning down help for a child who has undergone such a horrific thing and then to simply tell him to get over it and go on with his life and then refuse to talk about it ever again, I guess you can see where this is headed. With no counseling and no one to talk to because he didn't want people to know, he turns to petty juvenile things with other young boys but then it escalates into a bigger problem later on that gets the attention of the known Boston crime boss Whitey Bulger. He ends up doing things that would shock most of us but in reality he was calling out for help but no one heard it.

He says he wrote the book to help others know there is a different path to take other than the destructive one that he chose and I hope that this book will indeed do that and that is the one reason I decided to go ahead and review it and post about it because it seems like child abuse is one of the most heinous things I can imagine and if I were a judge or jury member, I would either give the death penalty or life in prison with no chance of parole.

It's a book that will enlighten you on one boy's pain and how he chose to deal with it and while some will not want to read it, I hope you will consider it so that it helps you recognize or pick up on some of the behavior of a child in distress who desperately needs help. The children are so ashamed, threatened by death or a loved one but still, there are signs and acting quickly can be a matter of a life ruined for life or one that survives in a good & positive way.

Good Luck Eric on your journey & may you succeed with your new life now!
About the Author:
Eric Schneider is a survivor of childhood sex abuse, alcohol and cocaine addiction, industrial poisoning, and a life of crime as a member of the infamous Whitey Bulger organized crime syndicate. At one time a professional bank robber, he became a successful building contractor, is rehabilitated, and is in a loving relationship. He is affiliated with Childhelp, an organization for the prevention and treatment of child abuse.
He lives in Southern California.
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justcuz said...

Im sorry beat this book is complete fiction. He is nothing but a wife beating, dead beat father who ows over 60000 in bk child support. Those wonderful ppl who adopted him gave that boy everything in this world. Dont get me wrong no child should ever have to go threw abuse like that. But change ur life and do good. Not use, hurt and steal to this day. Im the daughter that he beat his wife in front of at the age of 6. He is a waste of space and deserves all the bad that he deals with dailey. He is a dirty drug addict who blames everyone for his life. He never knew or met bulger ive seen all of his original court papers he thought he would add to his joke of a book. Save ur money, cuz every dime he makes goes right up his nose. He is a gross nasty loser who cant spell.