Monday, August 4, 2014

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts Review

I recently got to try something new that I never really even thought about because it just didn't occur to me that it existed let alone it was something I would eat. I have been trying to expand my eating habits to other kinds of foods in the hopes that I can get a little more healthy and enjoy something new at the same time. So, when I was offered the chance to review Manitoba Harvest's Hemp Hearts, I jumped at the chance to try something different. 
I have been trying to eat more natural and organic foods in the hopes that it might help with the IBS and also with the Fibromyalgia since nothing else seems to be doing much good. Although, I am not gluten sensitive, I have also been trying out foods that are gluten free, because hey, it can't hurt, so why not? Hemp Hearts are full of protein by the way, 3 tablespoons has 10 grams of protein! And since I am on the NutriSystem plan, it's all about protein, so I thought this would help me along plus give some of my diet foods a little bit better taste.
Most people either sprinkle it on cereal or salads but you can also add to yogurt and in smoothies or bake with it. I opted for cereal and salads myself and am still trying to decide if I want to try it in yogurt. I pretty much like my yogurt the way it is and am not sure if I want to add something else to it, but I can definitely see me adding Hemp Hearts to some dishes.  
One word of warning that I did not know about and that is once you open the pouch, put it in the fridge! I didn't know that so after only 2 servings I had to ditch the bag but I will be getting another one to start all over. Hemp Hearts, are the very best and most nutritious part of the hemp seed. By shelling the hemp seed, you get only the center, with its raw nutrition, rich nutty flavor and tender crunch. I guess because they are raw that is why you need to put them in the fridge. I was not paying attention to that small fact on the back of the package, so it sat in the cupboard for a few days before I realized my mistake.
Hemp Hearts are also a great way to add omegas or EFAs (essential fatty acids) to your diet. Hemp Hearts contain more protein and Omega-6 & 3 and less carbs than a similar serving of Chia or Flax. All of their packaging includes the date it was packaged and the date to eat by to ensure you’re getting the highest quality product available. Hemp Hearts, as with all Manitoba Harvest products, are Non-GMO Project Verified.
Hemp’s plant-based protein is easy to digest and contains all 10 essential amino acids. Hemp foods also contain fiber, magnesium, and iron - among many other nutrients. Plus, Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods products are all Non-GMO Project Verified. They also have Hemp Protein Powder if you prefer that to put in your smoothies and they have Hemp Oil for those who would like to sprinkle it on foods as an additive or to add to sauces or dressings.
About Manitoba Harvest:
Our focus was (and still is) simple - manufacture the highest quality hemp food products while educating people on hemp nutrition. We cannot talk about our company history without sharing our co-founder and CEO’s personal story.  
Mike Fata started Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods with his friends Martin and Alex because hemp foods helped change his life, and he wanted to share them with the world.  
Here is his story...

“Growing up, I was an unhealthy and unhappy 300-pound teenager. Desperate for change, I turned to excessive exercise and extreme dieting. Ironically, after losing weight I still felt unhappy and depleted. Then, a friend introduced me to hemp foods. Through hemp foods I learned about essential nutrients - EFAs (essential fatty acids), fiber, and essential amino acids. My focus became quality, balanced nutrition.  
Lucky for me, hemp is both delicious and contains all of the essentials – protein, omegas, fiber, minerals and vitamins. Almost two decades later, I feel better than ever! My focus on quality nutrition has only intensified. As a father of two young children, I want to instill healthy eating habits and an appreciation for quality foods at a young age. I am also a certified health coach in hopes to educate and inspire others.  
Basically starting the hemp food industry had its challenges, but they were all worth it. Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods is proud to be the world’s largest hemp manufacturer to grow, make and sell our own line of hemp foods. We are proud to be the first hemp food manufacturer to receive the globally recognized benchmark in food safety and quality – BRC Certification. Most of all we are extremely proud – and grateful, to celebrate fifteen years of manufacturing the highest quality hemp foods, of educating on the nutritional and environmental benefits of hemp, and of supporting sustainability.  
THANK YOU to all of our valued customers, partners, and fans for your support! If you haven’t already, try hemp. It’s delicious, it’s easy to use, and it’s packed with essential goodness!”
Check out some of their recipes that they have on their website. Some of them actually look pretty darn good! I know once I get my new package of Hemp Hearts, I will have to check some of them out. I still can't believe how dumb it was of me not to check to see if it needed to be stored in the fridge! What a dummy! 
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Marti Tabora said...

I have heard good things about these, I like that they are so full of amino acids. I would probably stir them into my yogurt.

Kelly OMalley said...

I love the idea of these. Adding some wonderful ingredients to our foods to get the necessary amino acids and protein. I Also LOVE that it is part of the Non-GMO project!!

Jennifer Hiles said...

I've tried these before and they are really good. I like to put them over salads! I didn't realize how good they are for me though!