Saturday, July 26, 2014

Tiger Nuts Review

We recently got the chance to try something really different as far as a snack goes and that was the Tiger Nuts.  We got the Supreme Peeled which I think the only other kind you can get is the Supreme Organic. I didn't know this until I started this review because I don't like for anything to interfere with my opinion but these are tubers, which means they are totally vegan, but they taste kind of like a nut!

Here are some benefits that are being attributed to these Tiger Nuts:
  • Low density lipoprotein-cholesterol, which is good for sports’ men and women and those intending to lose weight.
  • Has more Fiber than you can imagine which helps as an appetite suppressant.
  • Can be a control against heart attacks, thrombosis and colon cancer.
  • Have digestive properties that make it beneficial and healthy, empirically  proven for centuries.
  • They have no caffeine or other stimulant.
  • There is no phosphoric acid, so it does not steal calcium from the bones or alters the dentition.
  • It's digestive properties act as a prebiotic, helps the digestive system and is also an anti- diarrhoeal
  • They relieve the discomfort of flatulent dyspepsia and avoids bloating.
  • Is ideal for those who are lactose intolerant and for diabetics.
  • Have more  iron, zinc and copper, and equal content in magnesium than cow or goat milk.

  • Now, I am not a doctor and I would prefer you run some of that by your personal doctor because I don't want you thinking it's going to cure or help something if you have something really bad wrong with you. I can say that I didn't know most of this when we were trying them out because I just thought they were a healthy snack.

    Now that I know some of this I will have to try a few more and see what happens because I do have some of the issues outlined above. Although, one thing that does concern me is the claim that it will help with diarrhea. I have IBS with constipation and my doctor has always told me he doesn't want me to stop diarrhea if I was to get it because it makes constipation worse if you do. That is about the only thing I know for sure that would concern me. He absolutely forbids me from taking any kind of medicines that would stop it because he says it will make my constipation worse. So, I will run this one by him.

    Otherwise, they really don't taste that bad. I was a little skeptical when I first saw how they looked but it kind of is a cross between a nut and a dried bean. That is how my husband described it and after taking a few more bites, I would have to agree. It's not a bad taste, just different and it will take some getting used to but I think if you are a Vegan or eating Organically for some reason, these would be a nice alternative to you for a snack because they are loaded with so many good things for you.

    They are Gluten Free, Lactose Free and Organic, so if that is your thing, then you have just found the perfect snack alternative to high fat nuts. They are also good for people with Diabetes because they are very low in sugar and only have 3 grams of natural sugar. About 20 nuts is only 70 calories and have 3 grams of fiber. They are already peeled for you so that is one less task you will have to do! I do like that they come in a plain brown bag so it looks like they are trying to be eco-friendly also.

    They are considered a SuperFood because:

    1. Tigernuts’ high content in fiber keeps your whole body healthy2. Tigernut milk (also known as Horchata de Chufas) is a great substitute for cow’s milk
    3. Tigernuts are a solid source of magnesium
    4. Tigernuts can help control your blood pressure
    5. Tigernuts may help protect you from cancer and cardiovascular disease
    6. Tigernuts give you a potassium boost
    7. Tigernuts are a good non-meat source of protein
    8. Tigernut milk can help control diabetes
    9. Tigernut rivals olive oil for “heart healthy” oils
    10. Tiger nuts Can Help Fight Malnutrition in Under-developed Nations

    Check them out and run it by your doctor to see if you would benefit from switching to these because it sounds like they might be a good investment in your health. I know I will be taking these by my doctor when I go next month just to get an okay on them. It sure would be nice to reap some of the benefits if I can. With everything I have going on, it sure would be nice to have a SuperFood in my corner!

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