Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Terrorist's Daughters Book Review

I have a really high drama book to share with you that will definitely be an eye opener to a lot of you! It's called The Terrorist's Daughters written by Brian Arthur Levene.
Born in Chicago, Illinois, three sisters are uprooted and brought to Pakistan, after the terrorist attacks on 9/11/2001. After becoming oppressed and abused by their radicalized father and drug-sedated mother, two of the girls decide to run away from home and soon they discover their inner selves. One is a twelve-year-old blessed with a gift she does not know she has, the other, a seventeen-year-old proficient in the methods of psychological warfare.  
Along the way they encounter a handsome young man, and his family who are also looking to start a new life away from their terrorist state. Their travels takes them to Afghanistan, Dubai, Mexico and the United States, leaving a chaotic but interesting trail behind.

Developing a family among a group of outcasts, including a young Asian girl who is prolific in computer hacking, their adventures continue with the girls making daring escapes from authorities, and fighting Al Qaeda extremists working for their father. The Terrorist's Daughter all leads to a dramatic conclusion revolving around love, faith, family, and the potential destruction of an entire city.
My Thoughts:

Okay, I have to first tell you that I really got into this book! It's actually very good but it is very detailed in some area's as to what these poor girls went through and how they survived their terrorist father and how they got the guts and gumption to escape and the really ballsy thing about it is that they left with a lot of his money and his favorite car!

The girls unfortunately, do leave a trail of some dead bodies along the way but not because they wanted to, it just happens because their father really wants them back.

The youngest girl, will be your favorite, as she was mine, because she may be young but she is powerful because her oldest sister made sure of it by training her to be a great warrior. Although, she didn't know it at the time. Her sister would train her at night while she was drugged and all of this is deep in her memory and when the time comes, she is able to execute it all and know exactly how to get away from her father and his zealous followers.

There is a big secret that the book doesn't really address but you will guess what it is and you will be holding your breath waiting for the other sister to drop the bomb but she doesn't in this first book. I can't wait to read the next one to see where this miniature ball of fire goes next!

Happy Reading!

About the Author:

Brian Arthur Levene was born in Kingston, Jamaica, on October 24, 1973. He grew up in Back Bush, one of Kingston's roughest urban ghettos. His mother taught kindergarten until leaving Jamaica in 1983 for the United States, leaving Brian and his older sister behind.

Two years later, Brian passed his sixth-grade exams and earned a place at Jamaica College, one of Kingston's top five high schools. In 1988, before he graduated, one of the most powerful hurricanes ever ripped through Jamaica, displacing hundreds of Kingston's citizens, including Brian. He reunited with his mother in Mount Vernon, New York, where she lived. In the States, Brian's interests shifted from academics to writing poetry and songs, producing music, and playing semi-professional golf.

In 2001, Brian moved to Palm Beach, Florida, to focus strictly on semi-professional golf, traveling to tournaments throughout the United States.

In 2007, he relocated to Yakima, Washington, after deciding to pursue a career in the health field in order to benefit others. After receiving an Associate's Degree in Science at Yakima College, he started school at Washington State University, in January 2008. He transferred to Southern Connecticut State University in August, where he studied public health. He started to write his first and second novels in his senior year.

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Courtney Whisenant said...

You really know how to sell a book! At first glance I thought this wasn't really a book for me but after reading your review I changed my mind :)

Stephanie said...

I love reading about women that go through struggles and then make a way to live the way they choose.

Jasmine Henderson said...

I love reading books about women who decide to control their own fate.

jenn huey said...

I find this type of book inspiring and I agree, you really can sell a book. I cant wait to read this one