Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Sapphire Crucible Book Review

I have a really awesome Fantasy book to share with you called The Sapphire Crucible written by Rival Gates and this is the 2nd book in this series. This first one was called Quest for the Red Sapphire.
Captured! In Book 2 of the Sapphire Chronicles, Linvin and his party find themselves prisoners on the maniacal Lord Mandrean and his Necromancer. Now they must find a way to escape, find the Red Sapphire, and make it home alive. Along the way they must fight ever-growing odds of survival.
I loved reading this book as much as I loved reading the first one! It is nothing but action packed from the very first page to the last! I wouldn't recommend reading this one without the first one as it won't mean as much. But, if you don't need to know what happened previously, then it could be a stand alone book.

Linvin does finally get the Red Sapphire that cost him his parents but even with it, he still falls back on his bitterness from time to time and all he wants to do is punch someone out. And of course, his two cousins are still getting on his nerves but they do care about each other and eventually do make up every time they squabble.

Linvin will have to make some tough decisions in this book about a woman that he loves and about what he must do with the Red Sapphire now that he has it.

Like I said earlier, Linvin, his 2 cousins and his uncle get into a lot of hot water but always manage to get themselves out but now they have an even bigger enemy to overcome because no one said anything about a Blue Sapphire and what it can do. All of that will come to a shock to Linvin and his cohorts.

There is no bad language, sexual scenes or descriptions so it would make an awesome book for more adult teens to read.

Happy Reading!

About the Author:
I was born in Port Huron, MI and was the youngest of four surviving children. At the age of five my Father took a position as a magazine editor in Toronto, Ontario Canada. We moved to a large city just outside Toronto called Mississauga. The different cultures and demographics to which I was exposed formed many of the ideas for my story.

When I was thirteen, my Father's declining health forced him out of work and our family struggled. It was at that time that I decided to channel my negative energy into a constructive purpose. I set out to write a short story about a magical gem called the Red Sapphire. My brothers teased me that such a stone was simply a ruby. That irony was part of the attraction for me. After all, who would be writing about a Red Sapphire? Years went by and we moved down to my Father's home town of Harrow, Ontario on the shores of Lake Erie. It was a drastic change from city life and I found myself retreating more and more into my ever growing story. By age fifteen I had a two-hundred page hand written manuscript.

Advancing from high school to college at Michigan State University there was little time for writing and the project sat in a drawer in my parent's home. In spite of my lack of attention to writing, every night I would fall asleep working out details of the book and the series to follow.
I met a wonderful woman at Michigan State who agreed after graduation to become my wife. As we started our family I began a career in retail management and sales. For over twenty years I excelled in the field and even incorporated some of my knowledge into the book. I hold my position in the greatest esteem.
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