Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The New Colored Pencil Book Review

I don't know about you guys, but I have never been able to draw or really do any kind of craft very well, so when I see something that someone has painted or made, I am in awe of them and their talent. The book I have today to share with you is called The New Colored Pencil written by Kristy Ann Kutch and it teaches you some techniques and how to advice on how to master drawing in colored pencil art.

Learn to draw and paint using colored pencils in The New Colored Pencil: a how-to guide for creating vibrant, textured, and easy art illustrations by best-selling author and teacher Kristy Kutch. 
Master the Latest Breakthroughs in Colored Pencil Art

If you want to create colorful, radiant works of art, colored pencil and related color media (pastels, watercolor pencils, and so on) provide you with limitless options for adding vibrancy to your creations. In The New Colored Pencil, artist and instructor Kristy Ann Kutch guides you through the latest developments in color drawing media with examples of and recommendations for the newest pencil brands, drawing surfaces, and groundbreaking techniques (including using the Grid Method, grating pigments, blending with heat, and more).  
Supported by step-by-step demonstrations and showcasing inspiring art from some of today’s best colored pencil artists, The New Colored Pencil shows you how to use color theory to your advantage, combine color media, create and enhance textures, and experiment with surfaces to create interesting effects. Whether you use traditional, wax-based, or watercolor colored pencils, The New Colored Pencil will take your art to the next level.
I did find a page from her blog or website showing how to draw a poppy flower which is above a magnolia flower below and it's amazing that she can teach someone and make it look so darn simple. Check it out HERE and you will see what I mean.

I love pictures of flowers but even something this simple I would make a mess of it. I will leave the drawing of art to those of you who know what you are doing. I had no idea that drawing was so technical and that there is a lot of designs and techniques you can use to get your point across. So, now you know why even artists have to go to school to learn to be great!

This book is filled with other types of drawings from people to landscapes to buildings. Whatever your motivation is or what catches your eye, Kristy has found a way to get it across to you so that all of your art will look the best that it can be. Sort of makes me jealous, but hey, we can't all be artists!

Happy Reading and Looking!
About the Author: 
Kristy Kutch is a graduate of Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, with both bachelor's and master's degrees in education, as well as a life license in teaching. She has taught over 200 drawing workshops nationwide for students of all ages. Her educational style is friendly, relaxed, enthusiastic, and supportive of the individual student's uniquely personal style. Cultivating the enthusiasm of her students, Kristy tailors her instruction to beginners and accomplished artists alike, both in her role as an author and in a workshop setting . Her instructional book, Drawing and Painting with Colored Pencil, was a summer, 2005 release from Watson-Guptill Publications. It has also been featured as a main selection for the North Light Book Club.

Kristy is a contributor to The Best of Colored Pencil 1, 3, and 5; Creative Colored Pencil; Design: Illustration; The Best of Business Card Design 3 and 5; Creating Radiant Flowers in Colored Pencil; Exploring Color (revised edition); Floral Inspirations, Colored Pencil Explorations, and Colored Pencil Society of America Signature Showcase. She has also filmed an instructional D.V.D. (Artist Palette Productions) , Colored Pencil Landscapes: Beyond the Basics; an excerpt from this film is featured on

Kristy has written a second techniques book, The New Colored Pencil, slated for release from Watson-Guptill Publications in spring, 2014. This book encompasses techniques for colored pencil and watercolor pencil, as well as innovative ideas for combining these media. For the first time, there are also techniques presented for wax pastels, those beautiful waxy art sticks which look like crayons but which offer artist-grade pigmentation and brilliant results. The New Colored Pencil also presents information and demonstrations on a huge array of compatible papers, films, and boards which are suitable for making the most of these colored drawing media.

Kristy has enjoyed teaching colored pencil techniques since 1991, combining her love of art and her instructional talent. Traveling to various workshop sites around the country became a family affair, with her husband, three children, art supplies, and often the family bicycles along for the ride. She and her husband Ed now travel around the country on "the workshop trail".
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Barrie Mac said...

I'm in my 40's and still draw stick people and draw the same cute lion since I was a kid! LOL. BUT this book would be a great Christmas idea for my teen!