Friday, July 11, 2014

Some Creative Ways to Layer Shirts

Creative Ways to Wear Your Long Plain Long Sleeve Shirts
Long sleeve shirts might seem like an average piece of clothing at first, but there are a lot of creative things that you can do with it. Of course, you can always jazz up a plain shirt by adding your own personal design to it through a screen printer or with enough crafts. However, these shirts can also be a perfect accent to an outfit by themselves. Try these ideas to change up your look with the same shirt over and over again.
Layers rarely go out of style, and for shirts with long sleeves, a layered look is perfect for spring or fall when the air is crisp and cool. Long sleeves look great under casual short sleeve shirts or under short sleeve button-up shirts. You can even wear a long sleeve shirt under a long sleeve button-up shirt for extra warmth and coverage.
Long sleeves go along with much more than button-up or short sleeve shirts. Do you have a favorite sleeveless or spaghetti-strap dress that you love to wear in the summer, but now it’s too cold? Change up the look with a long sleeve shirt and some leggings. What about that lacy top you don’t know what to do with? Wear it over long sleeves. You can put a spin on just about any outfit by incorporating a shirt with long sleeves.
Reverse Layer
Wearing plain long sleeves shirts under a button-up or short sleeve shirt is pretty common, but what about reversing the look? Try wearing a long sleeve button-up shirt with cuffs under your long sleeve shirt. Untuck the button-up and let it hang out the bottom, roll the cuffs over the end of the outer shirt, and let the collar poke through the top. The result is a never-go-out-of-style business-casual look.
Low on Belts?
If you’re looking for a way to really change up an outfit or are simply low on materials, you can even use a shirt with long sleeves as a belt. All you have to do is roll the shirt carefully, then wrap it around your waist so that you can knot the sleeves in the front. It’s a perfect addition for loose, flowing tops.
Skirt Your Shirt
For a truly unique look, try wearing your shirt around your waist and tying the sleeves as a makeshift belt again. What you end up with is a snug-fitting high-waist skirt. Want another unique look? Pull the shirt up higher onto your chest and tie the sleeves around your neck. You just turned a long sleeve shirt into a halter top.
Although a long sleeve shirt might seem like an average piece of clothing at first glance, it becomes a fantastic accessory with a little imagination. You can use long sleeves to change the look of a short sleeve top, sleeveless dress, loose top, or even turn it into a brand new bottom or halter top.

Even when you don’t want to wear the shirt as an item of clothing, you can use it as an accessory like a belt. In fact, having a solid colored long sleeve shirt on hand is a great idea for any wardrobe, but especially if you are traveling and packing light. Use these ideas for a creative spin on your next outfit.

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