Saturday, July 12, 2014

Sleight of Paw Book Review

I have another Klepto Cat Mystery book to share with you called Sleight of Paw written by Patricia Fry.

Michael Ivey, the local veterinarian (Savannah’s new husband) is attacked by an enraged client and then later accused of this man’s murder. The evidence quickly stacks up against Michael, until Rags, Savannah’s kleptomaniac cat, starts digging up clues implicating the unlikely suspect. Coinciding with the details of this challenge is the discovery that the old house, which the couple purchased from Savannah’s aunt, is cursed.  
Is this why the couple has not been blessed with a child? Savannah’s sister Brianna comes for a visit. She teams up with the Iveys’ vet tech, Bud, to discover how to break the gypsy spell and they fall hard for each other. Will their courtship be strengthened or weakened by a frightening carjacking incident?
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This is actually the third book I have read in Patricia Fry's series of the Klepto Cat Mysteries. You will love the whimsical adventures of Savannah and her cat, Rags and how they get themselves in and out of trouble. Most books I have read usually have dogs as the heroes so this one is quite unique and funny.

Both Savannah and her husband are Vets so they have a host of animals coming and going and because of that, they interact a lot with different people. Some are good and some are just plain out mean. When one of those customers ends up dead in the back of their building, they decide to investigate and Rags of course tags along.

It's a light type mystery book filled with humor and the love of animals. If you prefer softer type murder/mystery books, then you will love the Klepto Cat Mysteries Series with Rags and Savannah.
About the Author:
Patricia has been writing for publication since 1973. Her articles have appeared in hundreds of magazines, including Cat Fancy, Cat’s Magazine, I Love Cats, ASPCA Animal Watch, PetAge, Horse of Course, Western Horse, Writer’s Digest and many others. She is also the author of 39 books.
Her published books include Catscapades: Tales of Ordinary and Extraordinary Cats and Catnapped, a Klepto Cat Mystery. Many of her books are published through Matilija Press, established in 1983. Watch for additional titles to be added to the Klepto Cat Mystery series.
Patricia is the executive director of SPAWN (Small Publisher, Artists and Writers Network), a professional member of the Cat Writer’s Association and a member of the independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA)
She has shared her home with numerous precious felines over the years and currently lives with Max, a handsome brown and white boy, Sophie, a tortie and Lily, a dilute tabby—all formerly feral kitties. 
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