Sunday, July 6, 2014

Organic Black Matcha Tea Review

If you are a tea lover just like me, then you will love this new kind of tea from Matcha DNA but instead of it being Green Tea, it is Black Tea! You will really enjoy the benefit of having anywhere from 4 to 6 hours of constant energy and focus!
Main Features:
  • 100% CERTIFIED ORGANIC: Swiss Certified Organic - Never Irradiated - Not from Japan USDA Organic
  • ALL DAY ENERGY and FOCUS: Keep your focus and concentration with the natural energy slow release from Organic Matcha
  • AT BLOCKING BOOSTER: Support your weight loss goals with an all-natural boost your body's metabolism
  • OVER 10X MORE ANTIOXIDANTS as compared to brewed green tea
  • BPA-FREE PACKAGING: Vacuum Sealed in BPA-Free Foil pouches for freshness

    As you can see, it is definitely black and not green. It is amazing that they are able to get all of those tea leaves ground up like that into a fine powder and that is exactly what it is, a very fine powder and it doesn't take much to make a perfect cup of Organic Black Matcha DNA tea!
    100% Certified Organic Matcha Black Tea 100% Certified Organic Matcha Green Tea Natural Flavors Never Irradiated - Not From Japan; Rich in Vitamins, Nutrients,Amino Acids and EECG; Delicate and Naturally Sweet Taste; Highest Antioxidant Tea Found Anywhere; MONEY BACK GUARANTEE
    Now, as you can see, this cup is light and that is because I didn't use as much as it recommended and then I used creamer in mine to give it a more sweeter taste and a milder look. It's really all up to you how you want your tea to taste. I don't drink it this way often, but sometimes I get the urge to, but most of the time I just drink it black with sugar. I have even tried it with a few drops of hazelnut and vanilla creamer and it's absolutely awesome!


    1. Add 1/2 teaspoon Matcha Black tea powder to your cup
    2. Gently add hot water to the cup
    3. Whisk or stir thoroughly
    4. Sweeten to taste
    5. Add choice of milk to taste.

    And if you are wondering about the caffeine, it is about half of what is in a cup of black coffee. The Black Matcha DNA tea can be used in teas, lattes, or add it to smoothies, use in baked goods and even use it in ice cream or if you have some other secret recipe that you use it for! This is the first time I have ever seen Black Matcha DNA tea and because of that, it's very rare and one of a kind.

    You will definitely love the smooth and silky taste of this tea. Play around with the dosage amount until you find the perfect combination for you. I haven't tried to make anything exotic yet but a smoothie sounds pretty good right about now with all the heat and humidity that we are experiencing here in Georgia right now.

    About Matcha DNA:

    Certified Organic means that our products are certified to the highest organic standards by NOP and EU. All of our teas are 100% Swiss Certified organic.

    ➨Our teas are made to exacting standards and are in fact tested for lead and other heavy metals. 
    ➨We maintain close relationships with small scale sustainable organic growers. ➨All of our products are certified organic and free from contaminants found in other non-organic products.
    ➨All of our products are sustainably grown with a focus on fair trade.

    Connect with Matcha DNA:

    Mailing Address:
    20554 Lincoin Bivd. #757 Venice, CA 90291
    Phone:  1-800-765-FOCUS(3628)

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