Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Masik Collegiate Fragrances Review

I recently got a very awesome chance to review some new kind of fragrances that I think you and your college bound children will love to know about. It's Masik Collegiate Fragrances and what they do is match up some of the top colleges around the United States and design a scent that embodies the spirit of that college! You can get both Men's and Women's in whatever college you would like it to be from.

Since we are from Georgia, I chose the University of Georgia in both a women's and a men's scent and then I just took a wild guess at one other college based on the description of what was in the scent and chose University of Texas in both men's and women's fragrances.

Here is how they formulate the scents:
Masik Collegiate Fragrances partners with each university in our collection to create a different men’s cologne and women’s perfume. These signature scents are inspired by unique elements such as the school colors, campus style, flowers and trees, traditions and location. We pitch our perfumers a ‘fragrance brief’ that outlines these school specific elements along with pictures of the university campus, sporting events, students and alumni.  
Once we formulate scent options for the school, the universities conduct smell sessions to determine which fragrances they like best – these scents then become the official men’s and women's fragrance for each school.
Inspiration for the Georgia Scents

A signature scent exclusively created to capture the essence of the University of Georgia. The Beauty of the Arch, The Power of the Red and Black and The Dignity of the Bulldogs. Modern, Sophisticated and Fierce. 

These are the scents that are in the Women's University of Georgia Perfume:
  1. TOP · Red Poppy, Fizzy Mandarin, Crisp Green Apple, Lychee-Tini Accord
  2. MIDDLE · Water Lilies, Baby Violet, Lush Jasmine, Dew Kissed Poppy
  3. BASE · Crisp Moss, Soft Musk, Whisper of Teakwood, Golden Amber
For the Men they chose these scents: 
  1. TOP · Cool Ozone, Chilled Fuji Apple, Frozen Bergamot
  2. MIDDLE · Asian Pear Skin, Lavandin, Frosted Nutmeg
  3. BASE · White Birch, Skin Musk, Blue Cypress, Blonde Woods
All I can say is that all four of these scents are amazing. I loved that they involved each college in the process of coming up with a scent that embodied their school and made them uniquely for each school but I believe your college bound children will love having their own bottle of their favorite college with them when they head back to school next month. The women's University of Georgia is light and airy with a touch of class to it while the men's fragrance is just pure intoxication and sexy!
Inspiration for the Texas Scents
A signature scent exclusively created to capture the essence of The University of Texas. The Spirited Passion of the Hook ‘em Horns, The Dramatic Beauty of the UT Tower bathed in Burnt Orange and The Immense Devotion to the Longhorns Spirit. Passionate, Triumphant and Strong.
For the Women's University of Texas: 
  1. TOP · Sparkling Bergamot, Sweet Orange, Ruby Redcurrant
  2. MIDDLE · Orange Blossom, Mimosa Flowers, Jasmine Sambac
  3. BASE · Aromatic Patchouli, Creamy Vanilla Bean, Skin Musk, Turkish Rose
For the Men's fragrance:
  1. TOP · Pimento Berry, Mandarin Pulp, Rosemary Sprigs
  2. MIDDLE · English Lavender, Warm Orange Flower, Aged Bourbon Accord
  3. BASE · Cashmere Woods, Tabac Absolute, Golden Amber
You guys know that we love the Georgia scents and we are pretty committed to our colleges here but I have to tell you that I really got it right when I chose the University of Texas as my 2nd set to review because both the men's and the women's scents are out of this world! They are both so yummy and sexy that we had a hard time choosing which ones we wanted to wear the most!
If you would like more information or want to see how they formulate these scents, just check out this video on their website:
About Masik Collegiate Fragrances:
Masik Collegiate Fragrances was founded by CEO, Katie Masik, in 2008.  A Chemical Engineering graduate from Bucknell University, she spent the early part of her career in the energy industry.  However, an entrepreneur at heart, she grew restless after several years and was ready for a change.  
Over the past few years, we have has partnered with schools in the Southeast and Southwest to expand the collection.  This year, we have expanded our team and will be launching 17 schools this fall.   Many more schools across the country are in the works!  We also are developing new products to add to the collection. 
My hope is that these official scents will someday remind people of the past - long after days on campus come to an end, alumni and fans can smell that special scent and be reminded of that special time – the campus, the sporting events, the traditions and most of all, the memories…

This was just a small portion of her story and if you would like to read the rest of it, you can go to their website and check out the section that says About and you will learn even more of her amazing story.

Connect with Masik Collegiate Fragrances:

Mailing Address:
One Penn Plaza, 49th Floor 
New York, NY 10119
Phone:  212 946 9304  ** Fax:  888 239 2597

The really awesome folks at Masik Collegiate Fragrances will be giving one winner their choice of either a women's or men's fragrance from the list of schools that are available. You will love these! Open in the U.S. only. Good Luck Everyone!


rochelle said...

I would choose mississippi state

rochelle said...

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hhkaufman78 said...

I would choose University of North Carolina®.

Jillyn said...

I'd definitely pick LSU.

janetfaye said...

I would like Florida State® Women's Perfume.

Janet F

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Julie Wood said...

I will pick the University of Texas fragrance for Men.

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Tara L said...

I would choose the University of North Carolina.
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wildcat32 said...

I would choose the University of Tennessee for men.

Ken Ohl said...

university of Wisconsin. thankyou, ken

Jasmine Henderson said...

I'd pick the University of Tennessee for women.

Tamra Phelps said...

I would probably choose the University of KY for women.

Glenn Woods said...

Alisha Sienkiel in rafflecopter

I would choose Penn State!

Glenn Woods said...

Alisha Sienkiel in rafflecopter

I would choose Penn State!