Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Island: How Islands Transform the World Book Review

I have an interesting book that is more about science/social studies than it's a book about people and their adventures. It's called Island: How Islands Transform the World written by J. Edward Chamberlin.
Island tells the groundbreaking story of humans and islands throughout history, and illuminates the ways in which islands transform the world. It celebrates islands, be they real or imagined, barren or beautiful, large or small, as a central part of our lives.
I have to admit I didn't know what I was getting when I agreed to review this book because it wasn't what I thought, but that's okay because every once in awhile you need to pick up a book that can teach you something about the world around you and that is what this book does.

It takes us on a travel thru time when the English were sailing around trying to make maps of some sorts and trying to figure out where everything was. Some islands are completely empty while others might house all sorts of birds and/or animals.

These men were the early adventurer's who wanted to know what was out there and were willing to spend a lot of time away from their families and their loved ones. But, without them, we would never know half of what we now know about a lot of the islands out there in the world.

If you enjoy reading about far away places and how they came to be discovered, then you will love reading this fascinating book that tells you how it all came about.

Happy Reading!

About the Author:

J. Edward Chamberlin is a professor emeritus of English and comparative literature at the University of Toronto. He is a fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, was a visiting professor at the University of Michigan, has lectured around the world, and received an honorary doctorate from the University of the West Indies. He is the author of "Come Back to Me My Language"; "Horse"; and "If This Is Your Land, Where Are Your Stories?" He lives in British Columbia.

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