Thursday, July 3, 2014

How to Choose Sportswear for Every Day Living

Five Tips for Choosing Sportswear for Every Day
As the weather gets nicer and the school year ends, it is only natural to want to slip into clothing that is a bit more comfortable and a lot more appropriate for outdoor activities. Fortunately, the sportswear trend makes it much easier for you to do this. How can you enjoy wearing sportswear without sacrificing great style and a professional look? Championsportswear and other brand name clothing lines offer some great pieces. Here are some tips for getting the right sportswear:
1. Separate Your Workout Look From Your Street Look

If you want to take your sportswear on the street, then choose those items that are appropriate for the street. Choose clothing with clean lines and keep styles, colors, or athletic logos consistent. There are some great sportswear choices in button-down shirts and cardigans. With a little bit of focus, you can choose the garments that go effortlessly from the office to the golf course.
When you are dressing for your workout, choose clothing that feels great and was created for the type of workout you plan to do. Remember the days when track suits were worn around town for running errands? Those days are long gone. Choose clothing appropriate for your scheduled activities.
2. Start with a Great Pair of Shoes
It is a very good idea to invest in quality shoes. Whether the shoes are for your workout routine or they are meant for walking during your work break, the right pair of shoes can make a huge difference in how you feel. Advancing technology in shoes has led to plenty of support and cushioning, a great fit, and shoes that make you want to get active.
3. Choose Attractive Sportswear Pieces
Are you looking for a professional outfit that is appropriate for a meeting on the golf course? Has your company planned a weekend barbecue? Maybe your office is participating in a team fitness program. Any of these situations calls for clothing a step up from sweats and your old college t-shirt. For warm weather activities, choose lightweight fabrics and loose clothing. Winter weather calls for layers of clothing with a moisture-wicking layer next to the skin and bulkier coats on the outermost layer. Whatever the season, choose the colors and patterns that look best on you.
4. Give a Nod to Current Trends
It can be risky to buy a bunch of clothing that is super trendy. After all, many trends are naturally short-lived. You also don’t want last year’s holiday pictures to become next year’s jokes. However, you can enjoy mixing some trendy pieces in with a great selection of classic pieces. Today’s trends include retro pieces like vintage varsity jackets and running shoes.
5. Keep Your Style Simple
Maybe you are more interested in sneaking some sportswear into your office attire than you are in choosing sportswear for a workout. This is no problem. Choose a basic cotton t-shirt and pair it with your work slacks and the right accessories. Match a pair of conservative sneakers with casual business attire. Slip on a pair of wedge sneakers with a fun sundress.
The outside weather is beckoning. Choose clothing that will allow you to head straight from the office to those outdoor activities that you love. Sportswear clothing can be both comfortable and functional. Choose those pieces that will let you enjoy every moment of your day.

Disclaimer: All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from you.