Friday, July 11, 2014

How to Choose Mother of the Groom Dresses

Finding the right dress for the groom's mother can be a challenge. It's important for the mother of the groom to feel important, valuable, and beautiful at the ceremony, which makes it even more vital that she have the perfect gown. The right mother-of-the-groom dress should be something that complements the wedding colors, but should also be elegant and classy.

Shop Early for a Unique Style

If you're wondering how to choose mother of the groom dresses that work right for the groom's mom, it's important to start shopping early. Ideally, the bride's mother, the groom's mother and the bride will all shop together to choose complementary colors and styles. While the dresses that each mother wears should be flattering and complementary, they should not be identical. Each mother should have her own unique dress that stands out.

Preparation is Key

Make sure that the groom's mother tries on her dress at the shop. If you plan to order a special dress, have her professionally measured at least two months before the ceremony. She should be fitted again as soon as the dress is done. Remember that the more time you have to shop, the more time you'll have for alterations should a modification to the dress be necessary.
A Dress to Match the Woman

Additionally, the dress should be something that highlights the groom's mother's best features. If she happens to be slender, for instance, a dress that highlights her shape could be perfect. If she has a curvier figure, something slimming with an empire waist will be a good choice.

Remember that no matter what type of dress the groom's mother chooses, she should have full say in what she wears. Although the bride may not like the style or the color, what matters is that the dress looks flattering on the groom's mother and that she feels comfortable and happy in the dress.

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jenn huey said...

I agree that the mother should be allowed to pick and wear what she likes and what is comfortable to her. I have yet to have to pick a mother of the bride dress out, although I am expecting grandbabies this summer. We do things backward here :)

Julie Wood said...

It is so important that the Mother of the Bride be able to wear a dress that she really likes and that flatters her. She is a very important person in the Wedding group and should stand out wearing a really nice elegant dress.