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Green Virgin Products Review

I recently got to try quite a few products from Green Virgin Products and if you are like me and trying to go more natural/organic as much as possible, then you are going to love these products! I got a wide range to try out and was pleased with all of them!

What I got to review:

1.)  Moringa Tea
2.)  Soap Nut & Moringa Peppermint Bar Soap
3.)  Soap Nuts Liquid for the laundry
4.)  GVP All Purpose Concentrated Cleaner
5.)  100% Pure Organic Moringa Oil

Let's start with the Moringa Tea because I really am enjoying that a lot! The bag holds 30 tea bags and it comes in a hermetically sealed, oxygen free, 100% light blocking resealable bag. I didn't realize that it makes a difference in how the tea bags are sealed and stored but evidently it matters a lot. Green Virgin Products is very meticulous when it comes to packaging their tea bags.

Here's what they say:
Green Virgin Products is the leader in moringa research. Most of our competitors are just sellers, have done no research, and are not even aware that moringa oxidizes easily  and looses its nutritional value if not processed and packaged properly.  
Our processing method and packing system are far advanced compared to our competitors. We never use air-dry systems which is the cause of contamination, deterioration and pollution.  
Recently we had a delivery of moringa from the Philippines impounded by the FDA. They took 50 samples of our moringa loose leaf tea, moringa capsules and leaf powder and told us we can't sell it until they issued a release.
About a month later the FDA technician that tested our products told me that moringa is commonly dyed green with food coloring to cover up the fact that the moringa had oxidized and it turned a light brown color. The FDA classifies coloring as an allergen. 
Moringa is also commonly contaminated with lead. So they tested our moringa for lead and what they called "filth." This can include mold, mildew, dirt, animal and insect feces and other toxins. The FDA technician said that, "out of the 50 samples we tested, not one showed any evidence of lead, coloring or filth, your moringa is A1 the best."  
So buying moringa that is not processed and packaged properly can not only get you a worthless, oxidized product, it can cause you real harm. Even minute amounts of lead can cause serious health problems. Even with all the testing that the FDA do on moringa, they still can't catch all of the bad moringa. As a matter of fact, this was the first time in 5 years that Green Virgin Products was tested!
Wow, who would have ever thought that there would be such stuff going on in a tea! But, then again, it does come from outside the United States, so I guess the inspectors have to really be diligent to make sure we are getting good products and not ones that will make us sick.

One other thing, make sure you are getting your water the right temperature when making this tea. Why? All other Moringa teas sold in the market are simply air dried leaf or powder with added ingredients to try and cover their bad flavor. When making Moringa Tea it is important to not heat the water hotter than 140 degrees F. If you make it any hotter, it will destroy some of the nutritional value. It tastes great over ice too if you prefer drinking it that way. But, do remember that Moringa Tea must be consumed within 24 hours after seeping in hot water or nutritional value is diminished.

Green Virgin Products Moringa Tea tastes very good and has a very mild flavor and I especially loved it with honey instead of sugar.

You will love the refreshing scent of their soap! It is a natural bar of soap with Soap Nut and Moringa Peppermint to give you a nice refreshing shower to help wake you up in the morning! 
  • Soap nuts liquid
  • Moringa leaf powder
  • Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Palm kernel oil
  • Sun flower oil
  • Shea butter
  • Peppermint essential oil
  • Sodium hydroxide
This non toxic, moisturizing natural soap is made with large quantities of soap nuts, but they do not put in any soap nuts powder like most others do. The result is a silky smooth luxurious soap, with lots of lather, which is something I personally like. I hate dry soaps that barely lather up. I don't feel like I am getting the full benefit if there isn't enough lather.

The moringa tea, which has quite a few vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants have healing powers which is ideal for skin problems such as eczema or psoriasis. The peppermint essential oils make this smell just like a candy cane or peppermint flavored gum. They put shea butter in this soap so it leaves your skin soft and moist, which is another reason why I love this soap because I have very dry skin and need all the help that I can get.

I also enjoyed using this really great Soap Nuts Liquid Laundry Detergent on our clothes and towels because they added Fabric Softener in with the detergent to help me get rid of one less step! Do you know where they get the Soap Nuts for these products that they are making?

Check this out:

They are the fruit of the Chinese Soap Berry Tree. These amazing berries are picked and then dried in the sun. No chemicals of any kind are added. This is kind of like that V8 commercial that you see on TV, you slap yourself over the head for not knowing about all these toxins in your products that you use!


The shell contains a natural soap called saponin. It has cleaning abilities equal to toxic chemical detergents. Soap berries are extremely hypo-allergenic and can be used by people who are allergic to all other detergents. They are completely green and don't pollute our planet, so you can feel good about using them and getting your clothes clean in an eco-friendly way.

Directions for use:

The bottle includes a pump top. It dispenses an accurate measured amount each pump. So for an average load in an HE washer (front loader), use 2 pumps for the whole load. For an average load in a top loader, 3 pumps per load will do the job. If your washer has a detergent dispenser you can use that or just pump the liquid onto your clothes that are in the washer.
This is probably going to be one of your new best product as far as general cleaning goes because this is an GVP All Purpose Concentrated Cleaner and you can get it in several sizes and with a pump or without one, depending on what you need it for. I really need this around the house because my husband is bad to just lay spoons and/or forks down right where he finishes eating and the next day I will find hardened food there. I told him one day he was going to die from food poisoning if he didn't learn to clean up after himself!
GVP formula 433 is totally non toxic and will not harm the environment in any way. People that are chemically sensitive or hypoallergenic will love this product. Yet, it is tough enough to tackle even the toughest jobs and it will work as good or better than even the most toxic brands. It cleans in a whole new way and yet when diluted 5:1 or 10:1 it kills over 99% of e-Coli and salmonella bacteria. It will even aid in the killing insects in your home!

How can it be non toxic and kill insects? GVP Formula 433 is a powerful grease and oil fighter and works by dissolving grease and oil. Because humans and our pets are water based they are not affected but because insects are oil based, they will be affected. So GVP Formula 433 does not harm humans, but kills oil based insects. By law Green Virgin Products can't say it's an insecticide because insecticides must contain poisons.
Lastly, you will love using this product, the 100% Pure Certified Organic Moringa Oil or it's also known as Ben Oil for the wonderful things it can do for your skin! Moringa oil has been used for thousands of years because of its anti aging properties. Most oils will only have about a one year shelf life. Moringa oil is the only oil in the world that will never go bad. Now, that is something I never knew! Just think of all the money you can save by just getting this oil and never having to worry about it going bad?

I can tell you this, when you apply it to your face, it will absorb quickly and you won't look like you have grease all over your face. I have dry skin so I don't know if that makes a difference or not, but all I can say is that I love products that work quickly and efficiently, leaving your skin smooth and healthy looking.

It is completely absorbed into your skin and can not be washed off like almost all other moisturisers on the market. It is also used by massage therapists for its non greasy feel and is known as the best massage oil in the world. It's great for your hair too, just apply to damp hair and comb in to spread it around to get healthy looking hair.

As for the ingredients in this Moringa Oil:
The extra virgin moringa oil is cold pressed from the seeds of the moringa olifera tree. It is USDA certified organic, and it is also food grade, so you can cook with it or use it in salad dressing or any other ways that are in the directions/how to guides. It is also used as an ingredient in soaps, shampoos, face creams and moisturizers.

Our Moringa Oil is abundant in nutritional value like arginine, beta-sitosterol, calcium, chlorophyll, copper, cystine, Omega acids, Rich fiber, Minerals like , magnesium, potassium, Vitamins like , vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol, delta-tocopherol, gamma-tocopherol), zeatin, and zinc. thiamin, amino acids like  tryptophan, tyrosine and contains abundant bio-active compounds, such as carotenoids, flavonoids and polyphenols.
Green Virgin Products offers a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee on their products if you don't happen to like them. 

They do sell some other products besides the five that I just told you about and there is a wealth of information on their site that I just don't have the space or time to tell you all, so please when you get a chance, go over there and read about their products and some of the things that they have uncovered about some products that we use every single day.

Connect with Green Virgin Products:

Mailing Address:
402 S Barbara Ln
Tampa FL 33609
Phone:  813-833-3248


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I commented on the beauty box it looks great

rochelle said...

I like the bar of soap and the all purpose cleaner

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I like the soap nuts and the Formula 433 the best.

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I would really like to try the SOAP NUTS 1 KILO DESEEDED as well as the MINERAL SALTS DEODORANT STONE.

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I'm really looking forward to trying a Moringa Oil, 100% Pure Certified Organic, 4 Ounce Bottle

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I think I like the bar soap and the all purpose cleaner the best from them. junerlisle at gmail dot com

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I would love to try the soap nuts liquid and the crystal deodorant. Really neat products!

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There are actully several products i like, so hard choice, but i have never tryed soap nuts so those and then either the cleaner, or the bar soap with soap dish, thanks so much

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