Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Get Fisk Novella's Spotlight

The GetFisk novellas are fast-moving, action-packed and sexy tales about a powerful, mysterious tycoon known only as Fisk and his colleagues - special operative Carlos Madrid, and Hollywood actress Tarita Lee. The ebooks are designed specifically for reading on tablet or smartphone, combining prose with video, illustration, screenplay-elements and links, readable in 2-3 hours - escapist, low-brow but well-researched speedreads.

The first two titles in the series available now are:

“Midnight in Juarez” – Fisk gets caught in a hair-raising thriller, when his operations in Mexico are being threatened by drug cartel warfare. He sends Carlos and Tarita to find a mysterious cartel boss named Paco Fuentes, who may or may not be Carlos's half-brother.

“Pirate Lair” – It’s an adventure on the high-seas, when one of Fisk's oil tankers is hijacked in the Indian Ocean off Somalia. To find the pirates and the missing tanker, he sends Tarita and Carlos into pirate infested waters as bait in a dangerous game.

With the adrenaline rush of the thriller, rich visuals and topics ripped straight from the headlines,GetFisk takes mobile readers where they want to go while they're on the go! This series is, in short, a wonderful blend of genre potboiler and new media innovation.  

"GetFisk: Midnight in Juarez” and “GetFisk: Pirate Lair” (each $2.99) are available now for smartphones, tablets and all major e-readers through Amazon, Apple iBooks and Barnes & Noble. 

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Jennifer Hiles said...

How interesting! I didn't even know they had these. Books that are designed for smartphones and tablets with links and videos. That sounds like so much fun. I have a smartphone so I'd love to try one of these.

Gala said...

Very interesting. I like short stories even better than long novels