Thursday, July 3, 2014

Do You Know The History of Cowboy Boots?

Versatile and Stylish Cowboy Boots

The cowboy boot has been around for a number of years, and it is an iconic image of the American West. Lately, however, these boots have also become popular as a fashion statement that shows off a person’s heritage and individual style. Whether they’re worn for practical reasons or fashionable ones, cowboy boots are a great addition to a western wardrobe.
The boots have a rich historic heritage. Riding boots have been around as long as domestic horses, but boots were often individually handmade and very different from each other until the mid-1800’s. American cowboys started wearing a new style of boot, one that blended the functional boot worn by military cavalry riders with the traditions and style of the Spanish vaqueros. Westerners then added their own distinct designs and decorations to create the popular cowboy boot.

Cowboy boots have a distinct look, which comes from the way they are used. The boots traditionally have pointed toes and treadless soles, which makes them easier to slide into stirrups. They also had high angled heels to lock the boots into place. The boots were typically long to help protect the wearer’s legs while they were riding.
Variations and Changes
There are variations on the basic design, however. Roper boots were made to be worn by calf ropers, who needed to be able to run in their boots as well as ride. They have shorter lengths, rounder toes, and lower heels. In addition, cowboy boots worn for fashion often have many variations on traditional boots, such as square toes, laces, or studs.


Cowboy boots can be highly stylized, with decorations ranging from intricate stitching to printed designs. Boots are traditionally brown but may come in a wide variety of different colors, ranging from bright orange to neon blue to dark purple. In addition, while boots are always made of leather, the type of leather can vary widely. A cowboy boot might be made out of skin from snakes, ostriches, elephants, alligators, lizards, bison, or elk. They can also be decorated with inlays, patchwork, or straps.
Work Boots
Work boots, however, are often not quite so elaborate. Farmers, ranchers, rodeo hands, horse riders, and many other workers wear cowboy boots for their practicality. When this is the case, the boots often have a number of features that make them especially suited to the wear and tear of outdoors work. They are often waterproof to keep the wearer’s feet clean and dry in case of rain or mud. Sometimes they have rubber soles instead of the traditional leather, which not only helps repel water but lets them increase traction and keep their footing on loose dirt or slippery surfaces. Sometimes work boots have steel toes in order to protect the foot from animals stepping on it or heavy objects falling.
These boots aren’t just for cowboys anymore. More feminine versions known as cowgirl boots are geared specifically towards women, and there are even boots designed for children and infants. Cowboy boots are distinctly American and invoke the spirit of the west—making them a great choice for anyone who wants to celebrate their heritage, enhance their wardrobe, or even just get in a good day’s work.

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