Saturday, July 12, 2014

Cerulean Dreams Book Review & Giveaway**Closed**

I have a Fanasty/Science Fiction book to share with you today called Cerulean Dreams written by Dan O'Brien.
Orion, the last city of men. Deep within the desert, a secret lay waiting. Young women found dead in the street. A corporation that controls the sleep of a populace that never sees the light of day. Alexander Marlowe seeks to unravel the mysteries of Orion as he helps a young girl, Dana, flee the city. The closer they come to the truth, the greater the danger that hunts them.  
Follow them as they search beyond the boundaries of everything they have ever known for answers.
Okay, this is one book that you will have to pay close attention to or you will lose out on what is really happening. It is set way into the future and it doesn't explain what happened to Earth and all of the people, so I can only guess in my own imagination what might have taken place.
This story really revolves around 2 main characters with a 3rd one playing an important role but not as much as the first 2 characters, Marlowe and Dana. This story takes you on a winding journey and it's not really clear until the end that both Marlowe and Dana are not who they think they are.
It is quite a shock and the way that the book left things, I am wondering if there will be a sequel because it does not explain what Marlowe needs to do in this one or if there is anything he can do.
It will boggle your mind and keep you guessing as to what in the heck happened to make the society in which Marlowe lived in the way it ended up. And how in the heck did Dana get where she was and didn't know herself what it was she was running from. It's a little spooky and I hope that the author expands on this dilemma that Marlowe is left in, but even if he doesn't, your imagination can figure it out, however which way you would like for it to end with Marlowe.
Happy Reading!
About the Author:
Dan O'Brien has written over 20 books, including the bestselling Bitten, which was featured on Conversations Book Club's Top 100 novels of 2012. Before starting Amalgam, he was the senior editor and marketing director for an international magazine. In addition, he has spent over a decade in the publishing industry as a freelance editor.
Connect with him on his website:
I thought someone else might enjoy reading this very interesting take on the future and what might happen, so I will be giving my print copy book to one of you. Open in the U.S. only. Good Luck Everyone!
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Anita Yancey said...

I don't know if there will be any kind of an Apocalyptic event in the future. But I do worry that the population will get so high that we can no longer feed and house everyone. Thanks for having the giveaway.


Gala said...

I want to believe that no,but just look at humanity -- destroying itself. And so many books with possible scenario ---