Wednesday, July 2, 2014

BOOMERangs: Engaging The Aging Workforce in America Book Review

I have another interesting book to share with you called BOOMERangs: Engaging the Aging Workforce in America written by Cash Nickerson.
Like the melting of the glaciers, a crisis of undue proportions is silently unfolding in the United States.  
We are living longer, much longer, than our ancestors. We are no longer young and old; there is a new third age, a potentially productive age of 65-80. As our country's nearly 80 million Baby Boomers reach this unprecedented phase of life, many want to continue in the workforce and we need them. Our attitudes, laws and work places need to change for us and them to adapt successfully to the age of longevity. Working and retirement should not and cannot be an "on and off switch."  
In my new book, BOOMERangs, I seek to bring awareness and ideas to the forefront of our national consciousness and describe the required changes we will need to engage our aging population, including specific tips for employers, employees and governments.
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I guess I am considered part of these Baby Boomers and/or BOOMERangs and when approached about this book, I was curious as to what people are saying about so many of us getting older and what to do about the future. It seems we have never broached this subject before or better yet, we haven't actually lived this scenario yet. It will be interesting to see what happens and what new changes will have to be implemented or new government rules will apply.

I have to admit it's a little scary and I think this is something that we will have to tackle and hopefully it will be with grace and forethought. My only real concern I guess is for those of us who can't work, meaning Disabled, not retired and how this might be handled. I hope that the Disabled are not harassed because we can't work until we are in our 80's and I really admire and applaud those who can and do. Let's just be careful that we don't lump everyone in the same category and make it impossible for those who need or wish to retire and not work into their 80's.

Otherwise, this book can give you some simple thoughts and idea's as to what might or might not happen with regards to changing some things to accommodate the aging workforce. Just remember that "One Size Does Not Fit All" and not all aging workforce Baby Boomers will be able to work and forcing stiff rules onto those who can't doesn't fix things, it only makes matters worse. I do love that the writer is telling us to value what seniors have to offer, their experience and wisdom and hopefully we will ask for it often!

For those who want to work and are physically able, I am in awe of you and will be cheering you on!

Happy Reading!
About the Author:
Steven Cash Nickerson is a lawyer, executive and author who provides thought leadership on issues regarding the American workforce, the jobs economy, the work place and talent imbalances. He has a unique perspective having seen organizations and the economy from the view of an entrepreneur, outside counsel at a large law firm, in house counsel at a major corporation and President of several large organizations.

He has a JD and MBA from Washington University in St. Louis and a BA in Philosophy and English. Among his books are StagNation, Understanding the New Normal in Employment and BOOMERangs, Engaging the Aging Workforce in America. In his spare time he writes essays of his travel, including A Texan in Tuscany.

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