Thursday, June 12, 2014

Witness Through Time Book Review

I have a really awesome suspense/thriller book to share with you called Witness Through Time written by Scott Wieczorek.
For fifteen years the disappearance of four college girls has haunted the small coastal Maine hamlet of Cragg's Head Cove. The cases, dismissed as runaways, were never solved, until Glory Parker came to town.

With her unemployment having just run out Glory Parker moves from her life in Boston to Cragg's Head Cove to live with her sister and start life anew. The only problem is that Glory starts having strange visions of the past. Because of these visions Glory learns that the girls never ran away, but were instead brutally murdered. Now Glory needs to help police find the killer before he finds her.
I really enjoyed reading this book although I have to admit it didn't take me very much time to figure out who the killer was in about 5 minutes after Glory was introduced to him. I guess that is what happens when you read so many books about murders, it is almost impossible to fool me for long. But, I have been reading these kinds of books for a LONG time, so I have gotten quite good at this.

It still made for an awesome read because I was betting with myself in how much longer is it going to take the main character, Glory or any of the other police officers to figure it out who it is. I think as a police officer, you just don't think it's someone close to you, so you don't logically look there.

It was also a shocking twist of events towards the end that will leave you a little breathless and I think the way that it ended might just mean that another book might come out following up on Glory and her newfound gift. You won't want to miss this book, just in case, so you will know what to expect in the next one. Then of course, I could be wrong and one might not be forthcoming.
Check it out as soon as you can or you will miss out on a great suspense book!
Happy Reading!
About the Author:
Scott Wieczorek is a professional archaeologist in the American Mid-Atlantic Region. He has written numerous short stories and several full-length novels ranging from science fiction to paranormal mystery to fantasy. In addition, he writes reviews of books written by independent authors.
Samples of his work can be previewed on his blog at
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Thank you for another great review. The book looks worth reading with all those twists