Tuesday, June 24, 2014

When Camels Fly Book Review

I have a really good old fashioned mystery/drama book to share with you called When Camels Fly written by NLB Horton.
A mother's fatal shot. A daughter's deadly choice.

In Israel, archaeologist Grace Madison shoots her daughter's abductor. Seconds later, a handsome shepherd drops from the sky to kill a second assassin. Their world crumbles in two blinks of an eye.

Unbeknownst to them, a fierce evil is destroying everything in its path—the unconventional path Grace and Maggie, a hydrologist, take as they struggle to right a wrong as old as time. But they soon discover time is running out. A vortex of intrigue and espionage threatens to sweep away everything and everyone they hold dear, extinguishing old flames even as it ignites new loves.

When the scale tips precariously toward disaster in the Middle East and beyond, family and friends with secrets of their own are exposed and millions of lives hang in the balance. Mother and daughter realize nothing is as it seems.

Even each other.

Because choosing what's right is all that's left.

Contemporary suspense with a thread of romance, written from the crossroads of faith and espionage. 
I think that you will love reading this fast paced and exciting book about a mother/daughter adventure that defies all odds. One is an archeologist and the other is a hydrologist (not sure what the heck they do except it's something to with water) and how they get themselves involved in a high stakes spy drama that has to do with stealing water out of the Middle East.
And then there is the father and son duo, who in all likelihood are also spies for different governments that have to come over and help rescue them once they get kidnapped by the bad men. It is almost comical the way these 2 ladies keep getting into trouble and instead of having the good sense to leave this awful place, the daughter, Maggie, decides to keep bumping heads with them, insisting she cannot let them steal the water.
Her father and brother have to come to the rescue but not without help from some old friends and not before the women experience several hair raising murder attempts.
It's a good story and I think you will find it both amusing and full of adventure, some romance and most definitely some bad guys who will stop at nothing to get what they want.
Happy Reading!
I thought you might really enjoy this book so I decided to give away my print copy to one reader. Good only in the U.S. Good Luck Everyone!


NLB Horton said...

So glad you enjoyed When Camels Fly, Mary, and appreciate the kind review! Hope you continue the adventure with The Brothers' Keepers, which releases in November. NLBH

Teddy Rose said...

Thanks for taking part in the tour. I'm so glad you enjoyed 'When Camels Fly' so much!

Tea norman said...

I would love to win and read When Camels Fly. I like to read about Archaeologist. I like to read about the Middle East. I like a good mystery. I like to read about mothers and daughters. This book was made for me. Thanks for entering me.


Misha Estrada said...

I like all kinds of books. I really enjoy mysteries.

Anita Yancey said...

My favorite kind of books are mysteries and thrillers. This book sounds really good. Thanks for having the giveaway.


Gala said...

I like thrillers and sci-fi books

jenn huey said...

I like historical fiction, YA, and children s books