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The Family Table Cookbook Blog Tour

"The Family Table Cookbook: Whole Grain Pancake & Baking Mix" combines the superior nutrition of whole grains, fruits, and veggies with the convenience of a simple mix to create wholesome breakfasts, craveable snacks, fun lunchbox treats, and decadent desserts for family members of all ages.  
If the phrase ‘whole grain baking’ translates for you as ‘dense, dull, and time-consuming,’ it’s time to try this fresh approach with one versatile mix that’s used to make all of the fluffy pancakes, moist and flavorful muffins, aromatic quick breads, and delectable sweet treats in this book.  
This convenient mix is made with easy-to-find ingredients and provides a simple solution for time-crunched families who need an inexpensive alternative to packaged whole grain mixes and a smart method for providing homemade. Loaded with the powerful benefits of hearty whole grains, every recipe reduces harmful fats and eliminates processed sugar by incorporating smaller amounts of natural sweeteners which are lower on the glycemic index.  
Weary parents longing for a fuss-free way to get their families to eat healthier, especially those with babies new to solid foods or children who are at varied developmental stages, will find relief with the section of multipurpose Power Purees. Providing natural sweetness and a nutritional boost for many of the recipes in this book, these purees can also be served as individual or combo baby foods and as healthy additions to snacks for kids and adults of all ages. Simple, concise instructions take the guesswork out of providing healthy family meals and snacks.
You can purchase this cookbook by going to BookBaby's website and find all the links to the different places that you can buy this cookbook and the different formats available!

10+ Tips for Adding Veggie Super Nutrition to Your Family’s Meals

One of the biggest challenges I hear about from moms trying to eat healthier and get their families to do it along with them is HOW to get more veggies and nutrients included in meals in a way that kids will accept (and sometimes other adults in the house, as well!). Our lives are so busy, we don’t have the time or energy to go to the effort of making foods that end up pushed around on the plate and eventually thrown in the ‘reject pile.’

While I am a huge advocate for patience and persistence with trying to get our families to eat whole veggies in a variety of ways, I also completely relate to needing quick, easy ways to get them in with no fuss!  I am a huge believer that ‘more is better’ when it comes to superfood nutrition, so even when our families are doing great with meeting daily veggie requirements, getting extra can only be a GOOD thing! Adding these powerful nutrients helps our families with many health benefits, which I have described below for the featured purees. 

Get instructions to make and freeze these ahead of time so they are easily accessible.

Benefits: Powerful antioxidants that protect against cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, eyesight disorders, and diabetes. Healthy fats promote brain health, cognitive function, and memory; heart health; bone strength; muscle and nerve function

Ways to Use it: *Spread on sandwiches or wraps in place of mayo *Mix with nonfat plain yogurt and use as a dip for veggies or whole grain crackers *Use in place of sour cream on soft tacos, bean & rice bowls, chili, enchiladas, taco soup *Add as a topper on scrambled eggs or omelets

Butternut Squash
Benefits:  High in vitamin A and antioxidants. Strengthens the immune system. Important for healthy vision, bone growth, and cell functions.
Ways to Use it: *Stir into macaroni & cheese (homemade or boxed) *Use as a spread in grilled cheese sandwiches *Stir into soups like cheddar or corn chowder *Add to whole grain muffins or pancakes (recipes for this are included in my cookbook)

Benefits:  High in B vitamins, iron, calcium, fiber, folate, magnesium. Increases energy, strengthens hair and nails, speeds up wound healing, nerve maintenance.  Strong, healthy bones and teeth. Helps control blood sugar levels. Helps metabolize fats, carbohydrates, and protein. Improves brain function, improves muscular function and helps nervous system; improves digestion and intestinal health; helps the body make healthy new cells. May help prevent breast cancer, colon cancer, and/or heart disease. Helps regulate blood pressure and heart rhythm. Helps regulate blood sugar levels. Decreases systemic inflammation which could lead to heart disease, diabetes, and certain cancers.
Ways to Use it: *Add to scrambled eggs or omelets *Stir into soups or pasta sauces *Layer into lasagna *Combine with part-skim ricotta and dollop onto pizza or spread on sandwiches *Mix with low-fat cream cheese and spread on sandwiches or use as veggie dip
Get a free copy of her e-book “Eat to Beat Stress: 10 Super Foods to Prevent Major Symptoms of Stress”
I’d really like to hear about what family nutrition-boosting strategies have worked or not worked for you.
Have you tried anything above with great success? Please leave a comment and let me know. All ideas are welcome!
About the Author:
Leah Borski is a family nutrition specialist and health coach whose passion is helping busy families with easy healthy meal solutions. She shares simple strategies and family-friendly recipes at her internationally recognized blog and website, as well as insight into some of the challenges and triumphs she's experienced as a work-at-home mom of two and military wife who is determined to provide a healthier lifestyle for her own family.
Her debut publication, the highly acclaimed "Eat to Beat Stress: 10 Super Foods to Prevent Major Symptoms of Stress," showcases several of her recipes as tantalizing tools for busting life's most prevalent stressors, offering a preview of her streamlined methods for creating single meals that satisfy the whole family.

She currently teaches "Kids in the Kitchen" healthy cooking classes in her local community, promoting nutrition education in a fun environment for parents and kids, and aspires to collaborate with local and national organizations to promote family nutrition and wellness in conjunction with authoring and publishing “The Family Table Cookbook” series of recipe/meal planning books.


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I've never tried adding spinach to omeletes! I will definitely try that, thanks for the tips! It's a pity that avocados are rarely available in Italy.. I would love to eat them often!

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Hi Wajiha! I'm so glad you found one my tips useful! I'd love to hear how you like the spinach omelet! I can't imagine having limited access to avocados - they are one of my favorites! Would you be able to grow your own, or is it not a good climate for them there?!