Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Signature Skin Eye Repair Serum Review

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

I have a new eye repair serum I think you are going to enjoy using because of the many benefits that you will get from this serum and it's called Eye Repair Serum by Signature Skin that was actually made by a plastic surgeon doctor so you know it's got to be good!
Main Features:
  • Signature Skin Eye Repair Serum was created to revive the sensitive under eye skin and eye creases in the same manner as Signature Skin Anti-Aging Cream using SRM bio-technology does for facial skin.
  • Signature Eye Repair quickly penetrates into the delicate under eye skin illuminating the eyes. Within minutes makeup can be applied that will glide on smooth and evenly.
  • The SRM effect will reduce dark circles that occur in both the under eye skin and eye creases. Under eye irritation from various causes can be reversed because of the deep penetration of its anti-inflammatory effect on skin cells.
  • With continued use day and night, SRM’s direct collagen production strengthening the under eye skin and creases smoothing out wrinkles, brightening and firming skin while reducing tear trough detectability.
Since you guys know already that I have dry skin, I look for products that will not dry out my face or eye area even more so I was really excited to find out that this serum absorbs quickly and made the eye area look more hydrated and on top of that it is an anti-inflammatory, which is good considering I have RA so every little bit that helps me with inflammation is a huge deal!
My eyes tend to be puffy, especially when I first wake up in the morning and my husband remarks all the time how puffy my eyes look, so this being an anti-inflammatory really was important to me. For some of you, that might not make a difference, but if you do have puffy eyes a lot, then I would recommend trying this Eye Repair Serum.
I loved how the area around my eyes were a lot smoother, I looked more fresh (especially after a night when I don't sleep well, this is very important), the area was more moist and when that happens your skin looks like it has a glow about it instead of being dull, which was what was happening with my skin.
The other thing that I liked about this eye serum is that it works really well for the creases on your eyelids, which was another one of my main concerns. Unfortunately, for me, I inherited my mother's eyes and she had the same exact problem. With Signature Skin and this awesome Eye Repair Serum, I am hoping that I can finally feel good about those! The best part is that with continued use, this will enable anti-aging products to get to your skin more effectively and it reduces the tear trough.
With continued use, my eyelids are becoming much more firmer and the puffiness is going away and I couldn't be more thrilled. Also, if have dark circles, which thankfully I don't, but if you do, this will also work on those as well. This serum is a potent yet gentle, effective treatment to correct age and sun related damage to under eye skin, upper eye creases and crows feet. This natural formula uses Selective Receptor Modulators {SRM}’s from Soy to direct your skin cells to repair the skin’s collagen Bio-matrix, reversing “cellular brown out”.
You will want to apply twice a day or more to clean dry eye lid skin. There is no need for additional moisturizers. For extra dry skin apply more often to replace traditional moisturizers. I would wait to apply make-up after 10 minutes to make sure you don't accidently wipe it away.
What it doesn't have:
Fragrance Free
No Oils
Non Comedogenic
About Signature Skin:
I believe YOUR skin care MUST be therapeutic; otherwise you are wasting your time and money missing the opportunity to optimally care for your skin. Medical science has identified naturally occurring bio-substances called cellular modulators that can direct your skin cells to repair themselves and prevent further damage from aging and the sun. The success of Signature Skin is achieved by combining multiple cellular modulators in specific concentrations that can effectively penetrate the skin barrier. While attaching themselves to specific skin cell receptors, modulators can direct the skin cells to rebuild your collagen network, brighten the skin and eliminate reactions that harm the skin cells. Skin is left looking younger and fresher.  
Plastic Surgery combines the art of science and technique to create remarkable results. I have developed a complete skin care program to enhance and maintain the surgical results for my patients and those wanting to look their best at any age with or without surgery. This treatment plan is safe and easy to use as demonstrated by continued use, steady reorders and word of mouth referrals.  
Signature Skin products combine advanced medical research with proven clinical performance. Thousands of patients have used Signature Skin and transformed the life of their skin delivering results you can see and feel.

I am hoping to try the other two products because: Signature Skin has three professional products that are designed to work as a team to optimize your skin making it look younger, healthier and restoring an even complexion. Now, wouldn't that be awesome if you could reduce everything to just three products? It sure would save a lot of time and money!

Connect with Signature Skin:

Mailing Address:
11121 Health Park Blvd.
Suite 700
Naples, FL 34110
Phone:  800-401-8302
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love to try this

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I certainly need to try this, I like the fact that you can apply make up just a few minutes after you use it. Thank you.
Marti Tabora