Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Painting with Fire Book Review

I have a murder/mystery type book to share with you called Painting with Fire written by K.B. Jensen.
Murder in the Windy City.  
Love without trust.  
Reckless justice.  
These are the themes in “Painting With Fire,” the story of Claudia Wilson, a woman down on her luck living with a stranger, an artist named Tom. After the two of them discover a body on the street corner, buried in a snow bank, Claudia becomes obsessed with the murder and the fact that her roommate is not telling her everything about his past. While police search for the killer in her building, she wonders if she should be searching for a new roommate. 
Claudia learns everything she can about the neighbors, as well as Tom. In the end, she makes a startling discovery. When art and violence collide, the results can be explosive.
This book is sort of a little strange for me because I had mixed feelings about it. Not the writing but the woman, Claudia herself is a complete mystery to me because I don't understand her at all.
Just because she see's what she thinks is a body outside her window one morning, she rushes out to found out what it is she is seeing half buried under the snow. Once that happens and it is most certainly a murder, she launches into this search to find the killer.
The thing is, she doesn't know this young man, doesn't know any of her neighbors really, and it has nothing to do with her, but she irrationally puts herself in harm's way to go about investigating things that really needs to be left up to the police.
She even gets so paranoid about her platonic roommate, Tom whom she just let come home with her one night from a bar because he said he had nowhere else to go. What kind of person does these things? 
Yes, she loses her job and is unemployed throughout this book until the end, so for whatever strange reason, because she can I guess, she goes about making this homicide all about her and what she needs to know almost to the point of being neurotic.
But, like I said, it's a good story and she is really the fascinating subject because she is so darn nosy and really very strange in her ways so I found her fascinating to read, even though I sometimes thought she needed to go talk to a doctor and get on some meds for her weird behavior.
Who goes around poking into a murder investigation when it has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with you?  
Happy Reading!
About the Author:
K.B. Jensen is an author and journalist. "Painting With Fire" is her debut novel. As a reporter, she has written extensively about crime in the Chicago suburbs. Jensen grew up in Minneapolis and currently lives in Chicago, with her husband, daughter and rescued border collie/lab mix. In her spare time, she enjoys teaching downhill skiing and traveling the world.


Misha Estrada said...

I like to think I would, but it would be very scary.

Anita Yancey said...

Yes, since I am the wife of a detective I would insert myself into a murder, if I thought I could help solve it. Of course I would get my husband involved too. Thanks for having the giveaway.