Thursday, June 19, 2014

Out of The Ruins Book Review

I have a really interesting book to share with you called Out of The Ruins written by Karen Barnett that I think you will really enjoy reading.
Abby’s shattered faith in both God and man is challenged when the terrible earthquake hits 1906 San Francisco. 
While her sister lies on her deathbed, Abby Fischer prays for a miracle. What Abby doesn’t expect, however, is for God’s answer to come in the form of the handsome Dr. Robert King, whose experimental treatment is risky at best. 
As they work together toward a cure, Abby’s feelings for Robert become hopelessly entangled. Separated by the tragedy of the mighty San Francisco earthquake, their relationship suddenly takes a back seat to survival. With fires raging throughout the city, Abby fears for her life as she flees alone through burning streets.  
Where is God now? Will Robert find Abby, even as the world burns around them? Or has their love fallen with the ruins of the city?
My Thoughts:

I have never actually been in a really bad earthquake nor felt any tremors, even though we have had a few mild ones here in Georgia and some people say that they did, but all I know about that is a little later, we found that our foundation had cracked and boy, was that expensive to fix! So, I can imagine what a big earthquake can do, because I really never felt this one little one!

This story is about a woman who thinks she can make a deal with God and when what she wanted more than anything didn't happen, she is mad and is upset with God and why did he do this to her and her family.

But, while in San Francisco, she discovers something even more precious, which a lot of people never do, a real true love that will stand the test of time. But, will she accept that gift? God answers our prayers in ways that might not make sense to us at the time, but in not giving her what she wanted in the first place, she got something even more powerful later on.

Living through pain and disasters can either bring out the worst in people or the best. You have to choose which way is your way and I think what happens is that God gets blamed for us making choices when really he is hoping and putting his trust in us to make the right decision. Yes, bad things do happen all the time, but what do you do with that? Something good or something more damaging that can leave your life in even more peril than it was before?

Happy Reading!

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