Monday, June 16, 2014

Opening Act Book Review

I have an interesting love story for all of you music fans out there, especially if you love rock and roll music. The book is called Opening Act written by Dish Tillman.
NO WOMAN CAN RESIST SEXY AND SEDUCTIVE SHAY, front man for the hot new band everyone’s talking about. When best friends Zee and Loni meet him after a concert, Zee practically throws herself at him. But not Loni. A smart and savvy literature student, Loni wants a man with brains, not bravado. So when Shay goes for her instead, she wants no part of it.

Now Shay can’t get Loni out of his mind. Even as he gears up for the national tour that’s sure to launch him to stardom, Shay is compelled to see the poetry-quoting beauty again before he hits the road. Despite her initial brush off, he feels there could be something between them. Not a one-night gig, but something real.

The very different paths Shay and Loni are on should never have crossed. But they did. And there’s no going back. Everything and everyone in their lives are pulling them apart. Can love bring them back together. 
My Thoughts:

Nothing is ever easy from what I hear about people trying to make it in the music industry and this book pretty much confirms that. People are getting used for what they can provide and nothing more. The group's manager has hidden reasons for hanging onto Shay and his group and she is very jealous of other women hanging around him.
It takes Shay a little while to grow up and realize that something is missing in his life and that person is Loni. Will he lose his chance with her once they go their separate ways and she goes in one direction and he in another? While they are apart, he starts wondering about the what ifs and it's driving him crazy. Now, isn't that a novel concept? Nice for a change to see a guy stew over a woman, isn't it?
It's a good chick lit book and if you love romance novels, then this will be a quick fix for you!
Happy Reading!
About the Author:
Dish Tillman is a writer and musician living in Chicago who, under another name, has published several novels, and who fronts a progressive alt-rock band.