Monday, June 23, 2014

Musewear Zodiac and Quote Flip Flops Review

I recently got to try some very awesome flip flops from Musewear that is their SunSoles /Zodiac line of unisex flip flops. My sign is Taurus and according to the chart below, I am the Earth sign which is why my flip flops are green! They are very comfortable and easy to walk with and I really love the pattern!

They have actually color coded the shoes:

-Red flip flops are for the fire sign
-Blue flip flops for the water sign
-Green flip flops for the earth sign
-White flip flops for the air sign
Quotes and zodiac pairs reveal something fascinating about the wearer.  Each zodiac pair contains 7 descriptive attributes of EACH sun sign, ie, "Enchanting Pisces," Luxuriously Lazy Leo" and "Persuasive Gemini." The Find and Flee section shows which signs you are compatible and who you might want to avoid!  You'll also find quotes from Ella Fitzgerald, Gandhi, Oscar Wilde, Bob Marlely and many others.  Dog lovers will adore the dog quote and C.S. Lewis and old-time dancer Dorothy Powell share words of faith and wisdom. 

Each style of flip flop also has it own corresponding charity that it contributes to. Because the SunSoles are Earth, Water, Air or Fire sign, they contribute 15% of their profits to The Nature Conservancy because they’re the caretakers of the planet on which these vital forces swirl, swish, scorch and shift. Their work helps conserve acres and acres of land for future generations (earth); fight climate change and protect deserts (fire); preserve habitats for migratory birds (air); and sustain coral reefs, rivers, lakes and the world’s oceans (water).

You will love how nice and comfortable they are also. They have just the right amount of padding on the soles to help keep your feet from feeling the effects of whatever terrain you are walking. Of course, I am not hiking in the mountains and if you are, then don't wear flip flops, there is a time and place for everything so please wear hiking shoes or sturdy tennis shoes!

About Musewear Flip Flops:
In the fall of 2009, I read that keeping gratitude 'front of mind' was as easy as saying two words--thank you--when your two feet hit the floor each morning. I started the next day. I’ve always been an optimist, so it didn’t take long for me to be pulsed with positivity. One morning while walking with our dog Chutney, I had the idea that whispering words of gratitude, motivation or amusement to people, right before they walk out the door, would be a sure-fire way to start spreading an idea that matters: “You got another day, life is good, sweet and bittersweet, and always worth what you give it.”

We also knew we wouldn’t be comfortable producing Musewear in the typical third-world sweat shop with unacceptable environmental and human conditions – we had to do better. We spent a full year working with Martin Kunz of The Fair Trade Corporation, a company producing 100% natural rubber flip flops and sports balls. (Kudos to Martin for all his support – check out Ethletic flip flops.)  
After a year of samples and ideas swapped, natural “tapped-from-the-tree” rubber turned out to be an unstable product for the complexity of the designs on Musewear Flip Flops. Our search ended when we found a supplier in Brazil with a green policy we can live with, excellent worker conditions, and a recyclable product - the super cushy, made-for-living-in Musewear Flip Flops we’re wearing as we write this! 
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I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


Gala said...

I may get "Gemini: Air Sign" for me or "Virgo: Earth Sign" for my son

Kristen said...

I'd get Pisces.

janetfaye said...

I would get Scorpio: Water Sign.

Janet Fricano
janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

Debbie said...

I would get Gemini for me.

Marti Tabora said...

I would get the Leo flip-flops, but I also really like the Bob Marley ones. Thank you.
Marti Tabora

Marti Tabora said...

I commented on the Spiralizer Spiral Slicer Review. Thank you.
Marti Tabora

laborders2000 said...

I would the Pisces one since that is my sign;)

Gala said...

left a comment on Of Dreams and Shadow Book Review , gala

rochelle said...

This is my sign Libra: Air Sign

rochelle said...

I commented here

Sherry Lykins said...

I would get Leo!

Myrna said...

I would be getting Leo for me.

Misha Estrada said...

I would get the Pisces for my daughter.

Dorrie Turner said...

They are all really cool. I would probably get the Gemini sign on the flip flops. Something different and fashionable to wear during the warmer months.
dorrie turner