Tuesday, June 24, 2014

How to Choose the Right Wig for You

Determine Your Face Shape For A Wig
Like fitting dresses to body types, it's important to know your face shape when shopping for a wig. But how can you determine whether you're an oval or a heart? Which wigs look best with which features? Here's a quick guide to understanding your face shape and making it work in your favor.


One of the most common shapes among men and women alike, the round face forms a perfect or near-perfect sphere. You probably can't see your cheekbones, but it has nothing to do with size; your face just distributes your weight that way. Look for longer wigs without layers that won't draw the eye towards the roundness of your features. You want something simple, not something elaborate.


If you have a square face, you have the same proportions as a round one but with more defined angles. Your hairline is of equal width with your jaw. Length is also a good option for you, but layers and curls can actually help you here; they'll bring a softness to your face that smooths out your edges.


Endlessly romanticized, the heart-shaped face is really nothing more than a face that decreases in width as the eye travels down. You have a generous hairline/forehead, but by the time you reach your chin, your features have narrowed and become much slimmer. Short wigs will look great on you.


The exact opposite of heart shapes, pear shapes are narrow at the top of the skull but bigger around the jaw and neck area. This is good news for anyone who enjoys volume or intense up-dos; the bigger you can make your vertical style, the more it will cast attention away from your more generous lower half.


The most desirable shape of them all, oval faces are longer than they are wide. They have even proportions throughout the jaw, eye and cheekbone area. No one section is more eye-catching than another, so there are no "problem areas" or anything you need to hide. You can rock pretty much any wig on the market.

These are just a few different face shapes and how they'll affect your hunt for the perfect wig. Keep in mind that these are no more than a rough guide to make shopping a little easier; your individual facial structure means a lot more than your overall shape. Shop AdventHair.com or other similar retailers for additional information.

Disclaimer: All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from you.