Monday, June 9, 2014

Helping Families Become Parents

The Process of Becoming an Egg Donor
If your heart breaks for people who are unable to have their own children, then it may be time for you to take steps to help them. Women with unplanned pregnancies know that they can choose adoption, but this isn’t the only way to help a family grow. You can also provide assistance by donating your eggs or serving as a surrogate parent.

The Process is Rather Simple

Becoming an egg donor isn’t as hard as you may have believed. In fact, it’s actually a rather simple process. Ideal candidates are intelligent, creative and charismatic. They’re driven to help people start their own families and are willing to make this small sacrifice. Donors are matched with potential parents after being screened, and a phone interview is scheduled where they can ask questions and learn more about the process. Psychological, genetic and medical screening is typically performed to protect all parties.

The Physical Aspects

Hormonal medication is taken to stimulate the ovaries and encourage the release of more eggs. The number of eggs released depends on the individual, but the average is 15 to 25. Clients who agree to donate their eggs are put under general anesthetic for the procedure. They have no memory of the process, and they don’t feel any pain. After the retrieval, some cramping and light spotting is normal. Eggs are retrieved vaginally, so there is no scarring.


Donors are compensated for their time and the slight inconvenience of hormone treatment. You can expect to receive a deposit when you start the hormone treatment, and the balance is generally paid after retrieval.

Donating eggs to a couple in need is an amazing gift. When you have the ability to help someone else start a family of their own, you’ll enjoy an incredible feeling when you follow through with the project. The process is easy, and the rewards are great. The financial compensation is attractive, but it pales in comparison to the knowledge that you’ve helped another family reach for their own dreams of starting a family.

Disclaimer: These are my opinions only and may differ from yours.