Monday, June 30, 2014

Help for Getting Royalities on Your Music

Did you know that you might be missing out on money owed you from royalties on your music? Do you know how to find out? I came across this website that helps composers do just that! It's called Tunecore and if you have written music that might be floating around out there that is making money but you haven't been paid, then I suggest you get in touch with Tunecore and let them walk you through the process.
TuneCore’s Music Publishing Administration team works hard to help the songwriters in our community collect and generate songwriter royalties all over the world.  For many composers, working with a music publisher to collect royalties from the songs they have written can be a significant income stream.
Read about how Composer Brian Crain, whose compositions have been used in feature films, discusses how TuneCore found him songwriter royalties he wasn't aware of.  Find out how TuneCore Music Publishing gets Brian songwriter royalties he didn’t even know he had, and how he sees the role of the songwriter shifting as the music industry continues to evolve. He found out that he was owed $4,000 that they got for him from Canada.  Apparently, there was a cash of uncollected royalties waiting for him that he wouldn’t have known about without TuneCore.
Of course, I don't write music myself but thought this might be useful to those of you who do. I know that if I was losing money that was rightfully mine, I would really appreciate it if someone passed along some information to help me track down money that I might be owed.
I hope this information helps those of you who can take advantage of this and that you find some of that money that has previously been lost. Good Luck Everyone!
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