Thursday, June 26, 2014

Free Skin Secret Derma Roller Review

I have a new skincare product to share with you that I have to admit took me awhile to get up the courage to actually try it. You guys now me, I have some health issues and the last thing I needed was to mess up my face! I didn't really realize that this would have a roller ball with small tiny needles on it going over my face, so yes, I kept putting it off and then finally took the plunge on this new Skin Secret Derma 540 Roller.
What it can help with:
- Scar removal including acne scars
- Stretch Mark removal
- Wrinkle removal/reduction
- Cellulite reduction
- Large Pore reduction
- Hair Loss restoration
- Hyper Pigmentation treatment
It comes in this really nice sleek case that will help keep it clean and hopefully from getting dirty from dust. So, please keep it in this case when not using.
Your Derma 540 is made with Titanium alloy needles 1.0mm length, on a roller with a 540 needle count.
- Super easy to use
- Stimulates Collagen production
- No bruising, infection, discoloration, 'healing time' or other complications
- Cost effective
- Almost all skin types can be treated
- Extremely high absorption of any active ingredients from appropriate skin care products
Skin Secret has 100% guarantee, if you are not completely satisfied, return with no questions asked.
  1. Make sure your skin is really clean, so do it twice to make sure all makeup and dirt is gone!
  2. Use a topical application of a hydrating serum and perform the treatment at night
  3. Using a sterilized Derma Roller, roll up and down the skin 3-4 times using an equal speed and light pressure (do not lift the roller off of the skin)
  4. First do it vertically, then horizontally and then diagonally across both ways. Complete this on both sides. Avoid the eyes and lips.
  5. The treatment should take 5-10 minutes and can be repeated 2 or 3 times a week.
  6. Apply a hydrating serum and/or moisturizer and massage into skin until absorbed.
Do not use on irritated skin, infected skin, active acne, fungal infections, rosacea, etc. If there is any skin sensitivity, stop immediately and consult a doctor. Do not share the roller as it needs to be used by one person only. Keep out of the reach of children.
Okay, because I started late and am still getting used to the roller, I am using it on my scar tissue on my belly from my hysterectomy and on my knee replacement scars to test it and make sure I know 100% how to use this before I put it on my face, I decided to grab this chart off of their site to show you some results. I have to also say that according to the Amazon site page, this product is getting quite a lot of 5 star reviews and people are raving about it. I am excited to have this and wish I had gotten over my fear a lot sooner but I am getting there. Go and check out the Amazon page and read some of the reviews and you will see what I mean. People are using this for just about everything and seem to be having a lot of success.
What Skin Secret says:
Micro needle technology, also called microneedling, allows your body to create collagen for natural and fast results. Not only do you get fast results from the Derma Roller, but it will also allow other lotions and serums to penetrate the skin. This will allow for visual and noticeable improvements can be achieved in just a few days! 100% MONEY BACK GUARNTEE We are certain that you will be happy with this premium product, but are willing to give a full refund if unhappy for any reason!
I can say that it looks like the scars are getting less noticeable and for me that is a big improvement over what I had in the beginning. I think I am just about ready to use it on my face now that I have gotten over the fear of the needles tearing me up. They really are so light you can barely feel them and you shouldn't have any problems. If you think you might be squeamish like I was, try a numbing cream and see if that helps calm your nerves. I didn't want to use anything so that is why I stared on my knee's and my belly just so I could get the feel of it and know what to expect.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


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I have been seeing these a lot on the internet and am intrigued. I am a little squeamish about the idea of needles, too, though.

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