Thursday, June 5, 2014

Do You Know How to Make a Great Looking Ponytail?

How to Make the Perfect Ponytail
On the red carpet, one timeless hairstyle is the ponytail. Celebrities of all ages seem to wear this hairstyle at every award show, and it always looks good. Then, women try the trend at home in their own bathrooms, and it is not as easy to perfect. Is the ponytail just a difficult hairstyle that only the best hairstylist can produce?  Not necessarily. Instead, it requires a little work and a few secrets to make it look amazing. The following tips will help you the next time you want your ponytail to look perfect.

Start With Clean Hair
In order to perfect a ponytail, your hair needs to be clean. Most of the other up dos that hairstylists produce for the red carpet work better with hair that is slightly dirty. A ponytail, on the other hand, requires hair that has just been shampooed.

Keep Your Hair Slightly Damp
The best way to ensure that your hair stays in a ponytail is to style it when your hair is slightly damp. This way the short hairs will set in place easier. If your hair is too wet, you might get too many bumps in your hair. If it is too dry, it might look frizzier.

Straight Hair is Best for a Ponytail
A good ponytail usually has straight hair. This means that you should blow-dry your hair prior to styling. If your hair is curly or wavy, make sure to use a straightening balm on the damp strands of your hair.

Determine the Position Before Styling
Before you style your hair, make sure you know how you want it to look. There are many different positions for a ponytail. For example, you can have a high or low ponytail. In addition, the part in your hair can be different. Some people also have no parts with their ponytails. The position you choose will greatly impact the beginning of the styling process. If you change your mind during the middle, you might mess up your hair or cause it to tangle. This will make it more difficult for you to create the ponytail you desire.

Styling the Ponytail
Once it is time to style your ponytail, be patient. This usually takes multiple steps and requires attention to detail. In general, regardless of the position of the ponytail, you will need to do the following:
·         Position the hair according to the part.
·         Gently brush the hair towards the direction of the ponytail so that it is smooth.
·         Tuck stray pieces of hair behind your ears or spray hairspray on them.
·         Keep your hair very close to the head so it looks sleek.
·         Secure the ponytail with an elastic band.
·         Finish with hairspray.
Add Extra Hair
For extra volume in your ponytail, you might want to consider adding in extrahair with a ponytail clip. In addition to volume, the clip will add length to your hair if your ponytail is not as long as you would like it to be. This is a simple way to finish off the ponytail and ensure that it looks absolutely amazing.
With these simple guidelines, creating the perfect ponytail should be easy for any woman. This look is a great option for a night on the town or a formal event. Try it the next time you want to look fabulous.