Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Close To the Broken Hearted Book Review

I have a really great mystery/suspense book to share with you called Close To The Broken Hearted written by Michael Hiebert.
In this riveting new novel from Michael Hiebert, a killer's release is the catalyst for shocking revelations in a small Southern town. . . 
At twenty-two, Sylvie Carson has known a lifetime's worth of trouble. When she was a child, her baby brother was shot to death by a man named Preacher Eli. Orphaned by her teens, Sylvie is now raising her own baby with no partner in sight. For all these reasons, Leah Teal, Alvin, Alabama's only detective, tries to stay patient when Sylvie calls the station day and night, always with some new false alarm. But now Preacher Eli is out of prison and moving back to town.  
As far as the law is concerned, the old man has paid his dues--though Leah's twelve-year-old son, Abe, vehemently disagrees. Between that and his relentless curiosity about the daddy he hardly knew, Abe's imagination is running in all directions lately. While Leah struggles with how much of the past to reveal to Abe, she's also concerned about Sylvie's mounting panic. Something in her gut tells her the girl might be a target after all. For as Leah knows well, there's danger not just in the secrets others keep from us, but in the lies that corrupt from within. It's a hunch that will be tested soon enough, as tensions mount on both sides.  
Evoking the South with depth and grace, Michael Hiebert's poignant, gripping novel captures the strength wrought by heartache and lost innocence--and the transformative power of forgiveness, whenever it comes. .  
My Thoughts:

This was a really awesome book in that throughout the book, you think one person is responsible for trying to drive Sylvie nuts but in reality it is someone else who is taking the release of a former killer that Sylvie knows and using it to their advantage in making everyone, including Sylvie think that it's the killer.
But, he finally makes a mistake and Leah catches on and now it's a desperate search to discover the evidence to stop the responsible person before it's too late for Sylvie and her baby.
You will love how this story builds until the real culprit is named and finally Sylvie can live in peace.
Happy Reading!
This is such a great mystery book that I wanted to share it with one of you, so I will be giving away my print copy of Close To The Broken Hearted to one winner. Open in the U.S. only. Good Luck Everyone!


Misha Estrada said...

I don't really have a favorite. I do really enjoy cozies and I also really love Agatha Christie's Miss Marple stories.

Kerry O'Dea said...

I don't have a favorite mystery author. Mystery is a genre I haven't explored much, but I would like to.

curlyblu918 said...

Agatha Christie is one of my favorite authors

Anita Yancey said...

I have a lot of favorite mystery writers. But I really like Linda Fairstein. Thanks for having the giveaway.