Monday, June 30, 2014

Careers in Counseling

Most individuals enter the career field of counseling because they want to help people. It's a wise idea for someone interested in this profession to consider the various types of counseling before choosing a program of study. Check out a few examples of the types of occupations that are open to someone who holds a Master of Arts in Counseling.

School Counselor

This is an ideal occupation for someone who likes to work with teenagers and young children. A school counselor works with students who are having problems at home or behavior issues in school. A school counselor works with others, including a student's parents, psychologist and teachers, to determine how to best help the student with his or her challenges. A master's degree gives a school counselor the skills and training to serve students who are facing serious issues. Someone interested in becoming a school counselor or pursuing a similar occupation may want to think about a study program like WFU online.

Licensed Professional Counselor

Instead of working in a school environment, a licensed professional counselor works independently. The person may meet with one client or conduct a group therapy session. The education a person receives in a Master of Arts in Counseling program allows him or her to guide clients in addressing their problems and issues. A master's program of study gives students the opportunity to gain experience and hone their counseling skills.

Substance Abuse Counselor

This type of counselor helps those with substance addiction to work through their problems. This type of counselor needs a master's degree in order to assist clients in figuring out the reasons behind their addiction. After discovering the reasons behind an addiction, a patient can begin to recover and heal from those emotional wounds.

Marriage and Family Therapist

Finally, a marriage and family therapist helps couples who are experiencing serious trouble in their relationship. A counselor meets with one or both members of a couple to try to resolve these conflicts and find ways for them to become closer. A marriage and family therapist may also work with parents and children who are having difficulties with one another. This professional must be objective and understand how to use specific counseling techniques with clients. A master's degree, along with experience in counseling, is necessary for a marriage and family counselor.

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