Sunday, June 22, 2014

Butterfly Stitching Book Review

I have a stunning book to share with you that I hope you will take the time to read. It's called Butterfly Stitching written by Shermin Nahid Kruse.
Terrifying Iranian secret police. An inspiring forbidden love. And the horrors of war. Butterfly Stitching weaves a stunning tapestry of the lives of Sahar and Samira, daughter and mother. And through the strength, beauty and imagination of these remarkable women, reveals Iran herself.
The stories in this book are true about what Iranian women have to live like and I know a little bit about that as I was once married to a man from Iran here in the United States. His mother got to come here several times after his father died and she was too old to do anything like defect, besides she had 2 daughters back in Iran and wasn't about to leave them. My first husband came over here when he got out of high school and never returned home, just like a lot of his friends. I won't go into the reasons why but let's just say it would have been dangerous.

I can say that the difference between picking up my mother-in-law at the airport and what we transformed her into while she got to stay here for months each time she came, is like night and day. All the black clothing was gone and the bright colors reigned while she was here. Yes, she did take her new clothes home but could only wear them while inside her house away from prying eyes. If she went anywhere, back came the black overall dress uniform.

She never did learn to speak English and I only grasped few words here and there, but I think through our gestures, we finally understood each other and I knew when she was sad and when she was happy. Although that marriage never lasted, those memories have stayed with me and I wonder from time to time how she is doing and her 2 daughters that I never got to meet because they were too young to be allowed to come here for a visit.

Take your freedom not for granted because others around the world have it far less than we do here in the U.S., even though it is getting more limited, we still have more than they do

Happy Reading!

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Praise for Butterfly Stitching:

"A land hidden from view for decades is revealed in this searing novel about the joys and struggles of Iranian mother and daughter throughout a turbulent period of history. Played against the tapestry of Persian culture, we are given a window into a world that has been veiled to outsiders, and suppressed within Iran itself. This book will leave you yearning for a sequel, a triumphant return to a land which we hope will soon be reemerging onto the global stage."
Lyric Hughes Hale - Commentator, Yale Books Blog

"Shermin Kruse has written a mesmerizing book, which allows you to fall into a particular time of history, and very much like a shadow, follow two women and lose yourself in their journey."
Camelia Entekhabifard - Contributor to New York Times, Associated Press and Reuters; and Author of Camelia: Save Yourself by Telling the Truth.

"Shermin Kruse's Butterfly Stitching is the gorgeous, intricately woven narrative of two heart-strong women who show us the beauty of ritual and custom as they clash with crisis and oppression in an old-world order. It is a rich, true-love tapestry."
Theresa Schwegel, Edgar Award winning author of The Good Boy

"Butterfly Stitching is a simply stunning novel and a beautifully written, in depth account of what it means to be a woman growing up and maturing in Iran. Touching, profound and at times shocking, you cannot fail to be moved by Butterfly Stitching and I cannot recommend it highly enough - the stories of Sahar and Samira will stay with me for a long time to come."
Karen Perkins - Bestselling author of Thores-Cross & The Valkyrie Series

"Startling and innovative, Butterfly Stitching could be called Love in the Time of Morality Police. In an Iran few in the West have seen, Kruse's deft narrative is two women's stories of love and lost innocence. The reader, too loses innocence as we better understand the conflicting pulls of love and obligation, faith and individuality. Terrifying from the first. Compelling to the last."
Robert Chazz Chute - Author of This Plague of Days

“This beautiful tale creates a tapestry of one woman’s childhood in Iran with all the delicacy of her grandmother’s butterfly stitching. We meet Sahar, whose school days in Iran are interrupted by air raids and whose family is fragmented after the fall of the Shah. We follow their displacement across continents, and unravel memories that are submerged in time and sorrow. Shermin Kruse’s triumphant tale depicts Sahar and her family’s remarkable- and various- lives, and paints a path that leads to wisdom, and outlives defeat.”
Lara Bozabalian – Author of The Cartographer’s Skin
About the Author: 
Shermin Kruse is the epitome of a global renaissance woman. Having lived several life times throughout the globe, as a child in Iran, a teenager in Canada, and a lawyer in the United States, this poet, mother, painter, model, photographer, and human rights advocate, finally found her true home in Chicago. Through it all, her truest gift was writing and telling stories. And so she now unveils Butterfly Stitching, her stunning debut novel, a gripping tale of oppression and redemption, obsession and love, and loss and authenticity.

Kruse began writing poetry as a child in Iran, where she lived in the midst of a bloody war with neighboring Iraq and under the control of Iran’s post-revolutionary secret police. After a childhood spent dodging rockets and the morality police, her family immigrated with little more than a few suitcases. Post immigration, Kruse rose in the ranks of the professional world. She obtained her law degree from the prestigious University of Michigan Law School, cum laude, and partnered at the top tier Chicago firm of Barack Ferrazzano at a very young age. An ardent supporter of the arts, and passionate about peace between the nation of her birth (Iran) and the one of her citizenship and allegiance (the United States), Kruse co-founded and currently serves as a director of Pasfarda Arts and Cultural Organization, an entity committed to promoting peace between the two nations through the arts. She also fell in love with an American man, and together they have three Iranian-American children.

Besides her contributions to the artistic and literary world, Kruse is also an advice columnist for Chicago Lawyer and authors scholarly legal articles. In addition, Kruse works with a number of pro bono entities in both civil and criminal cases, and is a frequent speaker on foreign policy issues.

Butterfly Stitching, was inspired by the true experiences of herself and the women in her family and circle of friends. Through a stunning tapestry of the horrors of political oppression, a terrifying secret police, an inspiring forbidden love, and the realities of war, Butterfly Stitching weaves the tale of Sahar and Samira. Daughter and mother. And through the strength, beauty and imagination of these remarkable women, reveals Iran herself.

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