Friday, May 2, 2014

Want a Fur Coat? Know The Facts First Before Buying

A Fur to Flatter Every Figure
Purchasing a fur coat is often one of the biggest investments a woman will make. In addition to jewelry, it is a purchase that will last a very long time and stay in style for many decades. The good news is that there is a fur to flatter every figure. Whether someone is tall and slender or short and round, a fur can make them all stand out in a crowd.
The Color
Acquiring the perfect color of fur isn’t quite the same as purchasing the right color of other types of clothing. Fur doesn’t come in neon or other bright colors, so individuals who tend to lean towards loud clothing may have a hard time deciding which color to go with. Fortunately, there are many furs that can be dyed to the color of one’s choosing. The following are some tips for choosing the right color for a more flattering fit:
·         Someone should not purchase a fur that is the same color as their hair. This makes it all blend together, which takes away from their figure.
·         A blonde should avoid black or gray furs, as they look harsh against the lighter hair. Instead, browns, pastels, or other light shades work well.
·         A brunette looks great in black or furs that have a red or blue tone. Lighter colors may be too washed out for someone with such rich hair color.
·         Darker colors often tend to slim people down. Someone who carries extra weight might choose a dark fur with slimming lines.
The Shape
Unfortunately, too many women do not know how to choose the right shape of fur coat for their figure. The following are some tips that will help women of all shapes know which shape of coat to purchase:
·         Petite women should shop in the petite section of the store. A coat that was made for a tall woman will only drown a petite woman. Fur coats specifically for petites will have the proper hemline. Shorter furs are often better, as they elongate the legs.
·         Full-figured women have a few options when it comes to a fur coat. Women with a larger middle area are able to cover it with a knee-length coat. Women with a larger chest area can pull off a more flattering look with a shorter coat that might have a belt around the middle.
Purchasing a fur shouldn’t be a chore. With a little knowledge on what looks good on different women, and some help from a professional, any woman should be able to find the fur coat that flatters her figure the most.

Disclosure: All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours.